Mussey and Pamo-Descenders Ride-2 Jan 2011

Hi Guys,

What a great way to start the New Year–a weekend full of riding!  Today topped off some good training for the Shadowtour TTT.  We had a large group of old members and new faces; even Dave Boyle graced us with his presence.  He did not miss a beat on the ride.  We rode hard up SPP to Hwy 67 and around Mt Woodson.  The pace line down Mussey Grade was very fast with all 14 guys staying close together.  The huge boulder that fell into the road near the bottom was quite a sight.  We headed along Dye Road and then descended into a very green valley at Pamo Road.  The pace out was quick, just like the Mussey climb.  We reversed course back down Dye Rd and then hit HVR hard as we lost a few riders who fell back.  At the bottom of HVR, I headed toward 4S while the group went south on Pomerado.  I met up with Bob P again on the back of Back Mountain as we both struggled to get home.  His ride was about 80 miles and mine 76 miles of great training.

I uploaded photos from the last 3 rides into Shutterfly.  Here are a couple from today.

Ride on-


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