Tucson Cycling Trip-13-17 April 2018

Tucson Cycling Trip Ride Report

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Len, Bernie, Shawn, Jodie, Ruben & Rob

Len had been to Tucson about five years ago and done a number of great rides in the area. Todd Calloway was recently there and rode up Mt Lemmon twice, stud. Len pushed the Italian cycling trip gang to consider Tucson as a riding training adventure. We opened it up to the Descenders and a small group planned to head to Tucson. Our goals were to ride the following climbs:

  • Kitt Peak Observatory
  • Mt Lemmon
  • Madera Canyon
  • Mt Graham

On Friday, 13 April, Len, Bernie, Shawn and I loaded up two cars and headed for Tucson. Due to work, Jodie and Ruben planned to meet us later that night at the hotel. We made good time across I-8 and headed south to get to Kitt Observatory, just 40 miles west of Tucson. It was not until about 3:30 pm that we started our 12 mile climb up to the top. It was cool and breezy at the bottom and got colder and winder as we climbed. Bernie was way out front. Shawn and Len passed me at about the 5 mile mark and I swept. The views were awesome and we fortunately had a bit of a tailwind for most of the climb as the road circled around the mountain covered in white observatory domes. I got to the top at about 5 pm. We took a few quick photos and put on any extra layers we had; they were not enough. It was cold and blustery. Wind gusts around corners pushed us sideways and almost stopped us at times; we took the descent cautiously for sure. The ride total was only 24 miles with over 3,500 feet of climbing, nice warm-up for Mt Lemmon. We drove into Tucson and got to the Comfort Suites in Sabino Canyon in time for dinner. Len took us to the Eclectic Cafe. We had a nice meal and then met up with Jodie & Ruben who had just arrived.

The next morning, we had the complementary breakfast and were ready to tackle Mt Lemmon. Our route took us east on Tanque Verde Road and then north on Old Soldier Trail, we rode through a nice park and looped back to get to the start of the climb. Mt Lemmon is about a 24 mile climb up to Summerhaven, we did not go to the ski slope just a few miles farther. We do get to over 8,000 feet and climb for a long time. The road is clean, smooth and has a nice shoulder. The grade averages 4-5%, but there are plenty of rises that drain your reserves. We spread out on the climb with Bernie way out front. Len and Shawn passed me about mile 5 again, Ruben passed me about mile 15 and Jodie swept. The views were stunning; lots of photos in the link below. I was passed a few times by much better riders. I pushed to catch a wheel and hung on for as long as I could; burnt a few matches. The sun was out and it was not windy or cold, a perfect day to climb Mt Lemmon. My paced slowed and I was out of water. At mile 20 there was a bathroom and water pump near a hiking trailhead. I stopped to refill and eat my banana, I felt much better. Refreshed, my pace increased a bit as I neared the end of the climb. After mile 21.5 and after topping over 8,000 feet, you do a fast one mile descent and then retake the same elevation again for the final miles into Summerhaven. I caught up to Ruben as he was experiencing a bit of oxygen deprivation from the altitude. He said he would go slow and/or wait for Jodie. I headed up the last bit to get to the Cookie Cabin, where we planned to regroup. Bernie, Shawn and Len were relaxing on the outdoor patio in the bright sunshine. It was a beautiful day in the mountains. We ate and drank a bit with Ruben and Jodie joining us soon after. We put on finger gloves and layers, something we sorely needed the previous day at Kitt Peak. The first mile or so climb out of Summerhaven jolted the legs and then there was the one mile descent at mile 21.5 that you now had to climb, but overall it was a 20+ mile epic descent. Bernie, Shawn and I stopped at the same water hole I found at mile 20, Len kept going. Bernie waited for Jodie and Ruben so we decided to chase Len. The descent was one of the best I have ever experienced. Car traffic was light, the road was smooth and I passed a handful of cars. I averaged well over 30 mph for about a 14 mile stretch, the bottom came quickly. We all stopped on the side of the road to take off layers and regroup. The final 8 miles home to the hotel were a straight shot along East Catalina Highway, we finished with 70 miles and just under 7,300 feet of elevation gain. It was worth all the pain, great climb.

The gang relaxed at the hotel, hit the pool & spa and then got ready for a quick trip down memory lane. They were all gracious enough to join me in going to Cafe Molina, only a mile or so from our hotel. Cafe Molina is an old Mexican food establishment that has been there since 1947. My parents were there every week when my mom was finishing her education degree at University of Arizona and my dad was in flight school for the USAF back in 1956. I ate there every week a few years later when we lived in Tucson until late 1961. The food was fine, we had fun enjoying a cheese pizza and other Mexican specialities. I had a nice margherita and Negro Modelo as well. I took some photos for my parents that we also included in the trip album. We had a nice group dinner and headed back to the hotel for bed.

Sunday had us up early so we could drive to Madera Canyon and still allow Bernie and Shawn to drive back to San Diego. Ruben had to leave that morning, so he missed the ride. We drove about 45 minutes south of Tucson to Green Valley. The road stopped after 13 miles. Bernie and Shawn headed out right after the group photo. Len, Jodie and I took our time getting prepped and starting our ride. It was warming nicely and there was no wind, another nice morning to ride. We climbed slowly up the two-lane road with very little traffic; probably as many riders are cars. Early on we passed what appeared to be a bee hive right on the side of the road. All the bees were just in a pile, swarming and buzzing around. From a respectful distance we watched and took some photos. The gradient was only 3-4% with some pitches as we made our way toward Mount Wrightson in the distance. About mile 10.5, Bernie and Shawn were descending fast towards us. They flew by, went back to the hotel to clean up and then drove back to San Diego. Len, Jodie and I pootled our way up the steep 15+ degree pitches the last few miles to get to the hiking trailhead of Old Baldy Trail. It takes you to the top of Mt Wrightson. Len met two couples from Canada that were on vacation . He made his best moves on one of the wife’s; at least they were still kind enough to take a group photo of us. We had another speedy descent back down to Green Valley. We took in the bees again, they had moved a few feet close to the road. The ride was only 26 miles in total with about 2,600 feet of climbing, we were saving ourselves for Mt Graham the following day. At the bottom we relaxed at Posada Java, where lots of cyclists go, to have something to eat and drink. We hit the pool/spa again and then decided to walk around the University of Arizona campus. It is a nice campus and I was able to take a photo of my mom’s sorority house. I dropped them at the hotel and spun by my old home, just a few miles south of the hotel. I was a wee lad and remember nothing of the place but captured a photo for my parents. Len, Jodie and I hit Eclectic Cafe again and had a nice dinner. We had been checking the weather at Mt Graham and things looked bad for our planned Monday ride–20+ mph winds at the top. We decided it was not wise to drive two hours to the start of a climb to 10,000+ feet with cold temps and high winds predicted; plan B started to be considered.

Our last day in Tucson and no Mt Graham. Len knew of a ride along Old Spanish Trail to the Saguaro National Park. We left from the hotel by 8 am and spun about 10 miles to get to the park entrance. Len had his Senior Pass so we got in for free. Inside the park is a beautiful 9 mile loop road of one-way traffic. The saguaro cactus, ocotillo and tons of other desert flora provided dramatic scenery. Jodie & I snapped a number of photos at many of the vista spots along the hilly, curvy road loop. We met a local cyclist who recommended we continue on Old Spanish Trail for 10 miles and do the Pistol Hill Loop. It was a nice addition to our ride and we then spun back towards the hotel with a reroute along one of the many "river" pathways. The "rivers" are all dried river beds, there only to avert flooding if/when it does rain, but they do provide a nice platform for paths on both sides that cuts through the east side of Tucson. We got back to the hotel with 52 miles and 2,300 feet of climbing; no Mt Graham but a fun morning of riding. We relaxed again in the pool/spa and packed up for the trip home. For dinner, Jodie found a pizza place called Falora; they had vegan options. Falora was only a few miles from our hotel and it proved to be a great find. We had a nice dinner and then went back to finish packing.

There was some discussion to have us drive via Kitt Peak to tackle that climb again on the way back to San Diego. Fortunately, that crazy talk quickly died. Our legs and bodies were done. The drive was uneventful and we discussed the good news around Jodie’s new Sociology book she is having published. Thanks to Len for driving his car. We dropped off Jodie and then Len got me to my home by mid-afternoon. The Tucson Cycling Trip was a great time. The Descenders should do one in the spring or fall in the next couple of years. I will go again and plan to tackle Mt Graham on the next trip. Enjoy the photos.


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HVR & OJH Ride Report

HVR & OJH Ride Report-24 March 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Rick W, Shawn, John A, Garet, Justin, Hermann, John M, Sheehan and Rob

As I suspected, no one was there at the top of Black Mountain Road; I rode solo over to the group start. I was even ahead of schedule, rolling to the Pomerado corner before 8 am. Rick W, Shawn D and John M were already there. Others joined and we were just getting ready to roll when Sheehan showed, we now had a total of 9 riders. We rode as a group to the HVR climb when all hell broke loose. The fast guys spun off; Sheehan and I settled into a nice pace up the climb. It was our birthday celebration ride so we chatted a bit on the less steep sections. Hermann rode with us up HVR, with John M sweeping. At the school at Archie Moore Road, we regrouped and bid adieu to Garet and Justin. They could only ride for a quick loop. Rick W must have been anxious to get going, he pulled the group at a blistering pace over to highway 67 where we said good-bye to Hermann; he had to go to work. We were down to 6 riders. Rick W again pulled the group along Dye Road to San Vicente. We lost John M but continued on towards Old Julian Highway.

Rick, Shawn and John A cruised off at the turn to OJH. I waited for Sheehan and we rode up the climb with John M sweeping. There were tons of motorcycles out and lots of cars. When we got to the top for the regroup, a huge line of "race cars" were coming up on their way to Santa Ysabel. We road cyclists don’t care too much for noisy motorcyclists and lots of fast moving cars out on the back country roads. That said, it was a nice day to be out on a bike. Rick W hammered on the descent back to Ramona. I held his wheel for most of the descent but eventually lost contact. Shawn and John A tried to catch me to no avail. We all regrouped at the corner before another quick pull into town. Sheehan and I shared a pop tart treat to celebrate our birthdays, which don’t really happen until this week but that was our last ride together before the big events.

We had a brief respite at the gas station before we rolled back to Dye Road. Sheehan was feeling the last of his oats as he pulled the group to highway 67. I fell off and John M was sweeping. At the light Rick W turned towards Mt Woodson. Sheehan, Shawn and John A waited for me as they were heading straight back down HVR. I turned left too but never saw Rick again. John M was somewhere behind me. The road going south on highway 67 is just as bad as my experiences from the week earlier. Rumble strips on the side of the road, lots of traffic and more concerns for the centerline plastic pipes so cars drive even closer to cyclists. The parking near Mount Woodson forces us to ride in the road, another dangerous section of roadway. I decided to get off highway 67 and turned right onto Mina de Oro to descend High Valley Road. I did capture a nice photo of Lake Poway on my way to the steep descent. By the time I got home, I hit 70 miles and over 5K of climbing, another great club ride. Photos are in the link below.


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SPP, Mussey, HVR & Del Dios Ride Report

SPP, Mussey, HVR & Del Dios Ride Report-18 March 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Hermann, John A, John M, Quoc, Oleg, Neil B & Rob

Late winter rains forced us to move our group ride from its usual Saturday spot to Sunday morning. Tony lined up a local ride for the group to tackle. I was late getting going so did not meet anyone on the 56 bike path as I pedaled over to Spring Meadow. It was a crisp early spring morning, but there were some rays of sunshine poking through the clouds trying to warm up the day. I dropped off at Mike Hodges house his new bibs but did not see anyone yet…thought I might have a lonely ride ahead. Fortunately there was a small contingent waiting for me at the 7-11 store. Oleg was able to join us since the ride was on Sunday and he did not have any camping trips for the weekend. We also had Neil B out for the first time since his crash on highway 67 down in Lakeside. Neil was not sure he was ready for a Ranchos ride yet.

In all, we had seven riders ready to head toward SPP. We spread out on the climb with Neil B, Oleg and John A pushing the pace. After a regroup at highway 67, we headed north. I quickly saw why the Descenders have not ridden along 67 in almost a year. The rumble strips on the side of the road make it very challenging. There is also a new guardrail that narrows the road as you climb towards the Poway Grade light. Traffic is going faster and seem more concerned about center barrier plastic tubes than cyclists on the right side of the road. It is a bit of a scary section of road, all the way until you get to Mussey Grade. We did a quick regroup at the top of the 67 climb by Mt Woodson and Oleg/Hermann took turns pulling us to Mussey, impressive power.

On the descent, Neil B, Oleg and Hermann pushed the pace. John A, Quoc and I hid as well as we could; John M rode in his parallel universe. We stopped to enjoy the views of San Vicente Reservoir at the bottom of Mussey Grade and took a few photos. The recent rains brought out the lush green hillsides on the horizon, beauty day. The climb up was at a fairly pleasant pace and we regrouped before riding over to HVR. We held a nice paceline until Neil B picked up the pace, we held it together at the faster pace until the turn towards the middle school. I was hiding on a wheel and still managed a PR for a segment. The group split a bit more on the rollers before the descent of HVR. Neil B and Oleg headed out first. Hermann, John A, Quoc and I rolled when the group got together. John M continued in his parallel universe.

A few cars distracted us from a nice smooth and fast descent of HVR, but we still flew down one of our favorite local roads. John A and I caught Oleg and Neil on the flats as we rode to Pomerado. At the light, Hermann and Neil B turned left while Oleg, John A and I turned right and over the Lake Hodges pedestrian bridge. Quoc soon followed; John M rode home via Bernardo Center Road. We stopped at the gas station for water before riding onto Via Rancho Parkway to Del Dios. Quoc turned towards Harmony Grove to go abuse himself on Double Peak while Oleg, John A and I rode on Del Dios to RSF where I was able to capture a quick good-bye wave from Oleg as he headed for the coast. Oleg got in over 90 miles by the time he cruised home. John A and I returned to PQ via Three Witches and got back home with 67 miles and 4,800 feet of climbing; a fun Descenders Sunday ride. Photos in the link below.


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Oceanside & Sleeping Indian Ride Report

Oceanside & Sleeping Indian Ride-24 February 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Sheehan, Bob P, Rick W, Garet, Len, John M, Marisa & Andrey, Ethan, Tony, Bill & Peggy, Hodges, Bill W & Rob

It was a cold start to the the ride. I pedaled to meet the group at CDS, where Proulx also joined us. We had not seen Marisa & Andrey for a number of rides; they came with their friend, Ethan. Bill Wood was out again to ride with his US buddies. It was sunny, but cold; everyone was bundled up well. It was super cold in my wimpy view; I could have used a jacket to cut the wind. We cruised on the bike path and headed for the coast, picking up Len along Carmel Valley.

We all rode mostly together up through Del Mar to meet Bill & Peggy on the corner as we rolled into Solana Beach, the group was now more than a dozen strong. We did well until we passed Las Olas & Ki’s, when Ethan hit a sunken manhole cover and flatted. I pushed hard to get the group to stop while Andrey stopped to help fix the tire. We stopped just past the goofy surfer statue. Many decided to continue to roll north. Rick W, Bob P, Sheehan, Bill B and I stopped and chatted. Garet decided to turn back and take Manchester back to his home. The tire was finally fixed and we spun north on the 101. Rick W kept the paced spirited, everyone did some pulls. Bob and Sheehan turned at La Costa, where we met up with Tony. Our small group sped up into Carlsbad where we saw Marisa and Bill W stopping for coffee; Andrey & Ethan joined them.

The rest of us cruised into Oceanside and regrouped at the bathrooms on the harbor. It was sunny and a pretty day, bright blue skies and lots of boats. We took a few group shots and everyone said they were riding inland. Everyone except Rick W.; we convinced him to join us. We had riders 8 heading to Sleeping Indian. Rick was on point and did the lions share of the effort along the San Luis Rey path. He kept going straight toward home when we took the turn to Old River Road, the climbing was about to begin. We all spread out on the climb up Sleeping Indian and regrouped near the top. I took then point but missed the turn onto Morro Hills, we all just kept pedaling to the very end of Sleeping Indian. It added a few miles as we crossed Burma Road and rode the full length of Olive Hill to the gas station down by highway 76. After a short water break, we rolled out again to Little Gopher Canyon Road, then hit Gopher and turned right onto Twin Oaks Valley; more climbing. The views on the climbs and from the tops were awesome, definitely a highlight of the ride.

We all made our way down to Deer Springs and then Tony led us towards Cal State San Marcos where we turned onto Barham Dr. and rode towards Escondido. Tony had us take the bike/walking path that eventually connected into town and hit Centre City Parkway. Tony turned a few streets before us to get home. I took the turn first and headed fast towards the mall. Apparently Hodges flatted at the corner and I never saw the group again. The winds increased, the temperatures seemed to drop and it was a brisk ride back past Lake Hodges and 4S, behind Black Mountain and finally to my house. I did a fly-by and noticed I rode past Bill & Peggy’s street about 12 minutes before they finally got there. I know Hodges followed my route and went all the way down Black Mountain, John M should have gone that way too. Len had to ride back towards the coast to get his car. Long rides for everyone. My Garmin said about 85 miles and 4,300 feet of climbing, legs felt that for a few days. Some nice photos are in the link, come out and ride sometime!


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Five Faces of Soledad Ride Report

Five Faces of Soledad Ride Report-10 February 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Tony, John M, Shawn, Garet, Monica, Guido, Don, Rob, Len, Neil & John

Most of the riders met along the 56 bike path. We started with a handful of Descenders and also had Don, an ex-Rancho who has ridden with us before, join us. It was Garet’s 40th birthday, so Happy Birthday to Garet! We had a slight tailwind, so Guido and John M pushed the pace and flew along the bike path. Neil met us as we got closer to the coast, he had parked on top of Soledad and rode towards us.

We all climbed inside Torrey Pines and met up with Len before pedaling off for La Jolla Shores. Garet looped back home first by going straight on Genessee Road to celebrate the rest of his birthday with his family. There were lots of riders out on the road. It was a nice day for climbing. Guido left us as we started our first ascent of Soledad. Neil took off and sped up the hill and we all eventually regrouped at the top. Neil’s brother, John, now joined the ride as well.

Hodges just cannot get enough of the Descenders. He was not on his bike, but had his family and out of town guests at the top "sightseeing" as we all regrouped following the climb. Riders started to head out as Shawn and Don descended Via Carpi while the rest of us rode down to to begin the climb of Country Club Road. Once again, Neil flew off the point and disappeared while the rest of us powered up the climb. John and Monica were both very strong on the climbs. We stopped for bananas and water before heading back down for the third ascent.

Once we all got back to Soledad Mountain Road, we headed down to tackle Pacifica. John M was grinding out the climbs on his new Fuji but it only had a 25 rear cassette, he was cooked after the 4th climb. Back at the top of Soledad, it was only the two Rintoul brothers, Len, Tony, Monica and Rob left to head to Via Valverde for the fifth face of Soledad. Legs were hurting but we all made it back to the top before heading towards home.

Len went towards Soledad Mountain Road, Neil and John kept riding while I descended down Via Capri. I thought Tony & Monica would be with me, but they were gone. I slowly climbed Calle Del Oro and turned towards UCSD campus. I thought about riding through campus when Tony & Monica caught up to me. We pedaled back towards Torrey Pines, descended to the beach and rolled along Carmel Valley Road. I was pooped and hid behind Tony as he did most of the work.

We got back to the bike path and made our way towards PQ. I bailed to get back home while Monica and Tony had to ride back to Poway and beyond to get home. My ride was only about 60 miles, but the 5,800 feet of climbing was a good workout; another great day for a Descenders ride. The link below are the photos from the ride.


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HVR, Mussey & Pamo Ride Report

HVR, Mussey & Pamo Ride Report-3 February 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Sheehan, John M, Bob R, Rick W, Jim W, Garet, Justin, Tony, Bill & Peggy and Rob

Tony set up the ride to have the group climb up HVR to avoid Highway 67. I pedaled over alone from PQ because I was late to meet Jim W. It was a cold start to my ride but the sunny day warmed up nicely by the time we started our HVR climb. The group met on the corner of Pomerado and we pedaled off with a small group. John M was out on his new Fuji Transonic 1.1 carbon bike, he is suggesting that Fuji be the new required club bike; I am good with that. Rick W flatted within the first two miles due to a large staple in his tire. While he fixed his tire, Garet and Justin joined us. The whole group now headed for the bottom of HVR, that road continues to deteriorate with more holes and cracks, gotta love our local infrastructure. Justin almost lost his front wheel in one large hole, the group motored on.

The climb started and we spread out as we headed up to Ramona. I tried to convince Bob R to ride up Camino Del Aguila since we had ridden up HVR just last Saturday. He wisely declined, so we all pedaled our way up to Archie Moore Road. We met up with Bill & Peggy at the top of HVR by the school. They said they started earlier than us to meet at the regroup spot, but I suspect that they were out doing some early HVR repeats in preparation for the Monster Climbs trip and Italy cycling adventure. They are both riding strong.

We all regrouped and then spun toward the end of HVR. Rick W took point and split the group in the final few miles to the light at Highway 67. Everyone turned right at the light to make our way to Mussey Grade. Garet and Justin kept going on 67 while the rest of the group turned left onto Mussey. It started benign enough, but the pace quickly lit up before we got to Dos Picos Park Road. Jim W, Rick W, Bob R and Dave S, with me hanging onto the last wheel; sped down the five mile Mussey descent. Everyone rotated to take a fast pull, except me; I hid the whole way to the bottom. The pace was over 28 mph average, lots of matches were burned. I took a couple of photos while screaming down and another photo of the four studs overlooking San Vicente Reservoir. The rest of the gang joined us for the climb back up.

I pootled along with Sheehan, who was still shaking off a cold. We had a momentary interaction with a local driver who kept honking at us along the quiet country road, Sheehan went to discuss the rules of the road with him while I waited for him at the corner of Dos Picos. We met back up with the group at the top of Mussey. Bob R had already headed home, Sheehan went back down HVR to get some business work done. Besides, he had already burned lots of matches on Mussey. The rest of us grabbed a quick water refresh at the gas station before cruising along Dye & San Vicente Roads. We cut through Ramona and made our way towards Pamo. Bill & Peggy had not ridden down ever before so we gave everyone a quick recap of the dangerous, off-camber corners. Everyone had a safe descent and we regrouped at the bottom. Everyone except John, he turned back early to climb up Pamo early. He made his way to the Ramona gas station and started back down 67 before Rick W and Jim W finally caught back up to him; his new wheels are fast!

I pootled up the climb with Tony & Peggy. I snapped a photo of Tony at the rock wall he knew all too well. He is riding great and not looking back. The day was warming up and we had gorgeous views of the valley. We regrouped with the rest of the gang and spun off towards Ramona. I decided to descend Ramona Grade and made my way home via Bandy Canyon, HVR and around 4S. It was a long 5 hours in the saddle, some awesome riding and over 77 miles with 5,600 feet of elevation. Another great Descenders group ride. The link below has the photos from the ride, enjoy and come ride with us soon.


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descenders HVR & OJH Ride Report

Highland Valley Road & Old Julian Highway Ride–27 January 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Rick W, Tony, Garet, Bob R, Hermann, Shawn, Geoffrey M and Rob V

It was a bit brisk leaving PQ early enough to ride over to the RB start. We had a nice group ready to tackle HVR. We all rode together to the start of the climb and spread out, with Rick W and Garet charging up the climb first.

We all regrouped at the top. Garet, Bob Raibert and Geoffrey had other obligations so they rolled out along Archie Moore towards Highway 67. The rest of us finished the top section of HVR with Rick W pulling us along. At the main intersection light, Hermann turned right to ride Mussey Grade before going back home; we were down to four riders.

Rick pulled us along Dye Road and over to the start of the HVR climb. Shawn kept on Rick’s wheel while Tony and I backed off the pace. We all regrouped at the top of OJH. Tony was on his way to Santa Ysabel to tackle Mesa Grande, then Palomar and finally Cole Grade. He met up with Len, Jodie and Ruben in Santa Ysabel. He just finished, almost 110 miles and 10K of elevation, phew! Big ride Tony, well done.

We had some gusts of wind in our faces as we climbed OJH, so the descent back into Ramona was a quick one. Rick sped out while Shawn and I chased as best we could. We did a quick regroup at the gas station before retracing our ride along Dye Road to Highway 67. Shawn went straight back down HVR while Rick and I braved the open roads of Highway 67. Rick pulled me along and I hid on his wheel as best I could. We flew down Poway Grade and over to Twin Peaks before Rick turned for home. I pootled from there back to my house, just over 70 miles and 5K of climbing. I only captured a couple of photos…too cold. They are in the link below


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