Tour de Poway 62 mile ride report

Hi Guys,

Congratulations to all the studs who rode the 100+ mile Tour de Poway.  We had a great turnout of about 15 or so guys all lined up at the front for the start.  Nick Venuto Sr had a few words remembering Nick before he and Deb Venuto led out the group for the ride.  The Descenders stormed out to the lead along Poway Road and started to ride faster as we hit the climb of the Poway Grade.  Guido shot out to the front and the rest of the peloton was blown to bits.  I had the good fortune of being led up the climb by Jeff Cresap.  We stayed fairly close to the lead group for much of the way up the climb but when we got to the top of 67, the lead group was gone.  Jeff pulled hard on point while I tucked into a safe place behind his wheel.  We pulled along a few other guys and eventually caught Geoff Barrall before we got to the top of the Mt Woodson area.  Jeff took most of the point time until Geoff came forward to give him a break.  I went to the front for a short time along 67 and more guys took turns at the front.  I pulled again to the light at Dye Road and one more time along Dye but mostly tried to hang onto the pace.  Len the elder now joined our ever growing group.  We motored through Ramona and then hit the descent of 78.  Geoff and Jeff again on point.  The group split apart halfway down the descent but we regrouped heading towards the Wild Animal Park.  We spotted Len and Chad changing a tire as we flew past.  After the climb up 78 I was on point heading towards Citrus.  I saw Sheehan at the turn and motioned him to join me heading south toward Bear Valley while the rest of the 100 mile guys went north on Citrus.

Sheehan , Cresap and I went south, along with a good rider, named George, who was riding a Pinarello.  Sheehan explained that he was late to the start and joined you guys heading up the grade ahead of everyone else.  He said that Rick was pulling the lead group down Dye Road at 28 mph.  We were only a few minutes behind you leaders at the Citrus turn.  Dave, Jeff and I skipped the pedestrian bridge and rode over Lake Hodges on the freeway.  We climbed to 4S and then did the loop behind the back of Black Mountain, to Santaluz and up to Del Sur before returning to Pomerado and the finish.  We stopped for water at the last stop by Santaluz.  I headed out first thinking Jeff and Dave would catch me.  Cresap was helping with cone markers and Sheehan was pooped.  I went out fast and they never showed up behind me.  I had to get to my flight so I just kept going.  I caught up with George along Pomerado and we both hammered the last few miles to the end.  Cresap did much of the hard work for me in the ride.  He rode back home to Scripps Ranch.  I quickly changed and then drove back towards Community Road where I saw Sheehan just before he finished.  He had to ride home as well.

I am sure the stories from the lead riders will be exciting.  I hope the team BBQ at the Venuto’s was enjoyable.  Here are a few photos from the ride.

See you Sat,


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