Ride Report for 25 Nov 2011 and Descenders Ride for Sat, 26 November

Hi Guys,

We had Descenders riding everywhere today.  I see from Strava that both Rick and Bob R kicked some but at the time trail today.  I know others rode the time trial too. A small group of us did a casual ride toward Ramona.  I know others were out riding and running as well.  

Oleg, Guido and I met at the corner of the 56 bike path and Black Mountain early today.  Oleg had put in plenty of early miles riding from his house to meet us.  We rode over at a much too brisk pace to the 7-11 store at Poway and Garden to meet Jeff Cresap and Rick (buddy of Rick B who rode with us to El Capitan a month ago).  It was sunny but very cool as we started the climb up SPP.  It was turning into a beautiful morning for riding.  Jeff and Guido kept a tame 8 mph pace all the way up the climb and we smoothly headed north on 67 around Mt Woodson before things got crazy.  The descent along 67 was its usual fast pace and then Rick busted to the front right before the Archie Moore curve.  All heck broke loose as the five of us flew at near 35 mph towards Mussey Grade.  Everyone took turns at the front and the pace never faltered.  I was wasted by the time we cruised to the light at HVR, where we turned left.

I could only hang on the back as the group pedaled along HVR in a paceline.  I did manage to get in a couple of photos; it was a beautiful morning!  We flew down the descent of HVR and eased off a bit back towards Pomerado.  We headed south and split at Ted Williams.  Guido, Rick and I went west while Oleg and Cresap continued along Pomerado.  Guido had to get home so we all pushed hard to get back to Black Mountain quickly.  The only thing that slowed us down were the traffic lights; a much needed rest for me.  I peeled off up to my neighborhood while Rick continued along the bike path to get in some extra mileage.  I finished with 45 miles and noticed in Strava that Oleg rode over 80 mile by the time he got home.

The ride tomorrow is the coast to Oceanside.  Should be a flat, fun and fast ride.  See you in the morning at 8 am.

What: Club Ride
Where: Meet at Black Mountain Road and the 56 BP

When: Nov 26, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Meet at Black Mountain Road and the 56 BP for Coastal Loop to Oceanside

Ride on-


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