Descenders Ride-Monday, 2 Jan and the ride weekend summary

Hi Guys,

Happy New Year!  Let’s ride tomorrow.  We need to do a fairly flat route to get in TTT riding shape so the route is now heading to the coast.  New meeting spot–meet at the corner of Black Mountain and the 56 bike path at 8 am.  We will ride to PCH and along the coast until we get tired of the pace line.  If you are not working, come out for a ride.  

This past weekend it looked like all the Descenders were riding somewhere.  Based on the Strava reports we had guys playing in the dirt on MTB rides, there were guys earning KOM points on climb near Julian and guys riding with SDBC, along with a Descenders ride.  We headed up the coast towards Carlsbad, turned around near the smokestack and rode back to La Costa and through RSF.  We saw lots of groups of SDBC riders and found one guys on the side of the road with a broken bike, it was Bernie.  He hit a hole hard on Camino Del Norte and bent his tire.  He was riding with his son-in-law, Brian.  Guido spotted Brian in the lead SDBC group when we came off PCH, over 5 miles away from where we found Bernie.  We finished with a loop through Santaluz and got home with about 55 miles, one flat and a lost water bottle when i hit a hole in Carlsbad.  Another fun day on the bike.

I hope you can come ride again tomorrow.  See all that can ride at 8 am.

Ride on-



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