Descender Group Ride-5 Feb–Easy coastal Spin Ride Report

We met at the corner of Black Mountain and the 56 bike path at 8 am.  The ride was a disappointment from the standpoint of attendees; only Sheehan, Len, John and I showed for the ride.  Hodges was tired from the Soledad climbs and saving himself for the ride to and in Palm Springs on Fri/Sat.  The ride was supposed to be an easy coastal spin and we expected to see more guys out that wanted an easy day in the saddle.

The ride itself was excellent.  Len and John were tired from their tough ride yesterday out in Pine Valley area.  I was still hurting from the Soledad repeats.  Sheehan was supposed to be tired from his ’round the world globe trotting over the past two weeks.  He, of course, went Hogwash and beat us up on the ride.  We decided to ride to RSF and do the Del Dios Highway loop.  The pace set by Sheehan was relentless and the rest of us struggled to hold his wheel.  We chased a group from Adams Ave Cycle Shop along Stud Loop and then cruised on Del Dios.  The pace finally eased a bit on the climb around Lake Hodges and then along Lake Road.  We picked it up again until we rode on the bike path and over the pedestrian bridge.  Thankfully Sheehan headed towards Pomerado while Len, John and I took an easy pace back through 4S and home.  The 35 miles was not too long but sufficiently wore we out.

My daughter took her camera so I had nothing to take pictures with today.  No photos-did the ride really happen?

Good luck to the Palm Springs guys.


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