Ride Report for 18 Feb Descenders Ride–Old Julian Road

Hi Guys,

We had a good turnout of more than 10 guys for our Descenders group ride on Sat.  We had a couple of guys back after other activities have kept them away from our team rides–Bryan Jones and Matt Davis–both were back and in good riding form.  Guido, Bryan and I met on the bike path and headed over to Voris' house.  It was cold and cloudy.  We met up with John and picked up Voris and Hodges for the ride over to RB and Pomerado.  The weather worsened with misty fog growing more dense as we headed north on Pomerado.  The group photo shows the foggy start.  I am going to have to get a restraining order for Hodges to stay at least 10 feet away from my bike when it is leaning up against a tree or pole.  He knocked it over again; 2nd time on as many rides!  

We rode towards HVR with the hope that we could climb out of the fog.  The sun tried to break through and as we hit the first climb, the mist was behind us.  We had a great ride up HVR and regrouped by the school.  I tried to take an action photo on the turn near the bird sanctuary but failed to hold onto the camera and brake at the same time.  I missed the cool action shot and had to pick up the pieces of my daughters camera off the rode–no more photos for the ride.  Matt waited for me and he pulled me back to the group by the time we hit 67.  Bob R had to peel off but the rest of us headed along Dye Road and then up towards Old Julian Road.  The pace was again too much for me so I swept up the back but eventually made it to the top.  We all descended rapidly and reversed our route back to 67 before taking a water break at the country store.  Voris had to motor out quickly so guys split off trying to catch him and regroup.  Many of us were back together at the top of the Poway Grade.  We screamed down the fast descent to Espola.  Bernie and Jeff kept straight while Guido, Hodges, Farkas, Bryan and I went back via Twin Peaks.  Hodges left us near Oggi's Pizza and the rest of us returned back to Black Mountain.  Farkas continued on the bike path to the coast and got in more than 100 miles.  I got home with just over 70 miles and about 4,800 feet of climbing; another great day on the bike.

Ride on–


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