Descenders Ride Report for Saturday, 21 April and Ride for Sunday, 22 April

Hi All,

We had a great turnout for the ride today.  It started out fairly foggy in PQ and I was late getting to the meeting spot.  I saw Guido and Geoff just on the other side of the road as they had given up on me and were on their way to Spring Meadow.  We pedaled over and met Oleg and Rick.  The 5 of us headed for the group start.

We had 13 riders, including Gustaf and Manuel.  Manuel is a young buck friend of Matt.  We knew we were in trouble when Manuel said he was "about the same" rider as Matt!  Gustaf is our latest international visitor.  He is in the area for a few days and has been tracking our rides via the web page and our Strava entries.  Gustaf lives just south of Copenhagen, Denmark and is a fan of Arsenal.  Unfortunately Hodges was out of town so they did not get to discuss the beautiful game or Denmark.  Hodges is over galavanting around Barcelona from his Strava postings.

The group consisted of the above guys plus Dan S, Ernst (route planner), Eric, Farkas, Matt and Cresap.  The fog was thinning out a bit as we made our way over the Lake Hodges bridge.  We had a flat and mechanical delay along the bike path but eventually got our ride in gear heading up Mary Lane as the sun broke through.  We stayed as a group until the bottom of Lake Wohlford climb where Matt and Manuel took off, the pace quicken all along the pace line.  Ernst passed Geoff, Dan S and me about halfway up the climb and I hung on his wheel until we got near the top.  After a bathroom break, Farkas reversed course to head home and Dan S went with him.  The rest of us motored towards Valley View Casino.  We took the right and descended towards Rincon Harrah’s Casino.  The roads were bumpy and a bit tight in places, especially has we rode on highway 76 over to Cole Grade.  

It was getting warmer now and the climb up Cole Grade was long and tough.  We regrouped at the store at the end of Cole Grade.  The heat took its toll on all of us, especially Gustaf.  There is still snow on the ground at his house.  He needed a coke and some rest.  We are refilled our water bottles.  The group decided to skip Woods Valley Road back towards Lake Wohlford and instead just descend back into Escondido.  I hung back with Gustaf as we lost the group after leaving the store.  We were on the descent when we saw Geoff fixing his flat, all alone on the side of the road.  The three of us picked up a 4th rider, a nice Italian guy who lives in RB.  We rode as a group along Citrus and Bear Valley, retracing our steps back over the Lake Hodges bridge.  Geoff, Gustaf and I went right and back towards the hotel where Gustaf is staying.  Geoff and I finished our ride along Carmel Valley Road on the backside of Black Mountain, legs feeling the pain of the ride.

I got home with about 72 miles of riding and over 5,000 feet of climbing.  Fun group ride.  Here are a few photos.

I am hosting a ride tomorrow if you want to get in an easy Sunday ride.  I will drive to Gustaf’s hotel near RB Road at 8 am.  We will pedal over to Pomerado and RB intersection to meet riders at 8:30.  We will decide a route based on who rides.  I am considering a climb up HVR and over to Poway Grade or heading over to Del Dios and going back through RSF.  If you want to ride–meet at 8:30 am.  E-mail or test me if you have questions.

See you in the am.

Ride on-


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