Descenders Ride Report for Sunday, 22 April

Hi All,

I knew the group of riders able to commit to a morning ride today would be small.  The ride up Wohlford and Cole Grade on Saturday took its toll.  I drove over to meet Gustaf at his hotel.  The goal was to get in a ride before he and his wife had to drive to Palm Springs for the next phase of their CA journey.  It was again very foggy and wet, practically drizzling on my drive over to the hotel in RB.  I was going to retrieve back my bike that I let Gustaf ride after today’s ride so I had to have a way to get two bikes home.  We got organized and pedaled over to Pomerado and RB corner to meet Dave Sheehan.  We were fortunate enough to meet Garet Heintz and his co-worker, Nancy.  Garet recently moved to Poway from Chula Vista and he knows Matt Babb.  Nancy is an ex-road bike racer from Scripps Ranch and she knows Jeff Cresap; small world of roadies.

The group of five headed for HVR.  We hoped to climb up above the thick fog.  Sheehan was in HOGWASH mode all day.  He hammer along HVR until we got the climb.  We regrouped at Bandy and flew down Bandy Canyon.  I was on Sheehan’s wheel going much faster than I should have been.  Dave hammered again along 78 as we started up the Ramona Grade.  Garet and Nancy are very good riders.  They spanked us and got to the top first.  We rode up into bright sunshine in Ramona as the fog stayed thick in the valleys.  We again regrouped and headed through Ramona to Dye Road.  Sheehan organized a fast rotation on the second half of the Dye Road loop back to highway 67.  

We took a good pace back along 67 towards Mt Woodson.  Garet and I hit the peak first and he had to head home to met a family deadline.  I took a few photos of the fog hitting the top of the mountain and got on the back wheel of Gustaf as he and Sheehan blew by me, with Nancy just behind.  We hammered to Poway Grade and almost caught Garet.  Nancy kept going to return down SPP.  Sheehan led the way down the Poway Grade and quickly closed the gap of Garet.  We went by him and all of us turned onto Espola.  We let Garet head for home while we regrouped with Gustaf.  The three of us cruised up Espola and then Sheehan again put the hammer down by Poway HS.  We hit almost 30 mph flying all the way back to Valley Verde.  Dave went home while Gustaf and I thankfully took it easy the last few miles back to his hotel.  We rode about 42 miles and climbed 2,800 feet.  Nice end to a good weekend of riding.

It was good to have our latest international guest join the Descenders for a few rides.  Gustaf will return soon and until then, he will follows us on Strava!

Have a great week all.  

Ride on-


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