Dudley Dream ride

Descenders, We had a fantastic ride from Santa Ysabel today. 

I was told to cease and desist my use of “Dudley Dream Ride” term as it is a registered trade mark of Mike Hodges Inc. who  invented the original concept of riding the bike up Palomar (patent pending). Thanks, Mike, we truly appreciate it!

We started with 13 descenders from Santa Ysabel: Rick, Voris, Matt B., Guido, Mike “I invented Dudley Dream Ride” Hodges, Bernie, John and Len, Jeff and Eileen and Mike Farkas. Farkas refused to be in the group photo, but he was there! We also saw Mike McGowan and Mark Wineman, as well as Ernst and Sheehan who rode from Lake Henshaw up South Grade. This makes the total of 17, or 18 if you count Jim Knight who was doing one of his epic long rides – the descenders were all over the place!

It was already warm at the start and got even hotter. Voris who is in excellent climbing form lately (I suspect due to elevation training effect from airplane commuting he does!), went for several personal bests and has set #3 and #4 times on strava leaderboard for East Grade to Observatory and for East Grade to Observatory back to Mothers. Rick served as domestique – Rick didn’t set any KOMs today, as he already owns KOMs for most big climbs we did today, but he did something that is just as impressive – ride up South Grade while standing up the whole way!

Several other Descenders posted impressive times, despite the heat. For example, strava leaderboard for East Grade to Observatory now lists 6 descenders among top 10, and 11 out of top 20.

After South Grade we had a quick lunch at Mothers and went back to cars – I suspect most riders were in survival mode on Mesa Grande as the heat and climbing efforts were taking its toll.

Total for the day was 79 miles with 9,000 ft climbed (TM).

Photos are here: http://goo.gl/njSIe

You should have come!


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