Sept 8th – Oceanside Ride Report

The Oceanside gang enjoyed a nice day along the coast.  We had a small group of 4 riders including Steve, Yi-Shiou, myself and a new rider from Scripps Ranch, John.   No pic’s to prove the ride happened, but we do have a new friend in Del Mar that can vouch for us.


We headed to the coast following our normal route down the 56 BP.  We were all very chatty until we reach the Del Mar hill, when Steve put in a strong surge.  It was very reminiscent of a large party sitting down to a nice meal and the room goes silent because the food is so delicious.  Our energetic enthusiasm was damped slightly when we were pulled over by a sheriff for not stopping at the 4 way stop at the bottom of the hill after exiting the Del Mar Village.  The way he pulled us over, one would have thought we had just robbed a bank.  He came barreling past us with lights blazing and cut in front of us.   After delivering the expected lecture, which he was right on all points, he informed us he was not citing riders but was only issuing warnings…. Our lucky day!  The police were out in force yesterday, so looks like they are kicking off another road safety campaign.  Be careful at stop signs if heading up the coast.  The rest of the ride to the Oceanside Harbor was uneventful.


The return leg was exciting as there were 2 different organized rides coming down the coast.   The first group was part of the AmTrak century ride and the other was a club out of Newport Beach call Bike Region.  Their plan was to finish in downtown San Diego and return to Newport Beach via a party bus…  Sounds a little more entertaining than AmTrak. 


We had planned to cut inland and return via La Costa/Rancho Santa Fe, but we got caught up in the frenzy of riders and continued down the coast instead.  There were a number of very fit riders and our pace accelerated, ranging from 28 to 30+ MPH.   With the two events large groups formed on the road, especially at stop lights.  We became separated after stopping at the Lomas Santa Fe intersection when a group of 50+ riders gathered.  We managed to regroup in Del Mar, but we were still missing Yi-Shiou.   BTY – Our sheriff friend was still positioned at the stop sign upon our return.  With the number of cyclists on the road yesterday, I suspect he had a very busy day!  


Our pace slowed as we headed out of Del Mar and alone the 56 BP hoping Yi-Shiou would return to the group.   Another great day in the saddle… I finished with 67 miles and a very very impressive 2,274 ft of elevation gain! J  Others riders likely ended with 80+ miles once they reached their final destinations.


See you on the bike soon!








For those looking for a 3rd ride option, there is also a Saturday local ride planned for 8:00 am.  Route will be from 56BP/Black Mtn Rd. to Oceanside Harbor, returning via La Costa/Rancho Santa Fe, for a total of approx. 65 miles.


What: PQ to Oceanside Harbor returning via La Costa / Rancho Santa Fe / Santa Luz

Where: 56 Bike Path/ Black Mtn Rd

When: Sep 8, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Hope to see you then.



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