Sept. 15: Coastal Ride Report

Today we road coastal (in reverse), a last-minute substitution of Pamo/Mussey ride due to hot weather. 


At the start we only had 7 riders: Bob Proulx, Steve, Matt Babb, Dave Voris, Yi-Shiou, Chad, and I – we picked up Ernst and Garet and then Jeff Southerton on the way, for a total of 10. Not bad considering the heat. 

We did Santa Luz climb (but no Stud loop, in the future we may want to do one or the other but not both if we need to save time). It was a beautiful climb and very fast descent – Matt Babb got a KOM chasing Steve and me, and now Descenders have 15 of the top 20 times on that segment, including top 5 spots.

Some riders had prior commitments and had to turn early – Steve, Garet, Bob and Ernst turned, leaving 6 of us.
The pace remained "animated" despite only 6 riders left – Chad, Jeff, Matt and Voris are not exactly shy about going to the front and pushing the pace till everyone hurts.

We picked up several "free-loader" riders while riding along the coast who hung on with our group – they made things a bit dicey a few times. Jeff lead the group out for Oceanside Harbor sprint, holding 29 mph for what seemed to me (as I was desperately trying not to get dropped) to last forever. At the final turn Matt jumped to the front, while Chad and I followed. I tried to sprint by Matt, who obviously was taking it easy, but he got on my wheel (along with Chad), and outsprinted me at the line. Nicely done, Matt! Of course strava says we were tied for KOM, so next time you have to try a bit harder, Matt! Descenders now have top 5 spots and 9 out of top 12 spots on that segment.

After re-filling the bottles, I thought we were going to take it easy on the way back (especially as it was getting hotter and hotter) but we just kept hammering – we picked up two other strong riders who shared some pulls. We lost Yi-Shiou and then Jeff turned back in Encinitas (after taking some super pulls). 

Voris, Matt and Chad went north to 56 bike path while I continued to Torrey Pines, by the time I got home it was 101F!
For me it was 82 miles with only 3,600ft climbed, but the strava suffer index was up there – 308, which is 11th suffer-most ride I have ever done, and 3rd toughest descenders local ride I have ever done (excluding Dudley/Julian/Stagecoach rides – those are always super-tough!) – and we tend to think of coastal rides as "easy"!

Great ride despite the heat – selected photos are attached. You should have come!

More Photos:

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