Taper Ride 01/05/2012: Mussey Grade

We had 16 brave Descenders show up for a taper ride today. It was very
c-c-cold (yes, with three “c”s)- I rode from my house at 6:30AM with
temperatures around freezing point (with frost on the grass) and by
the time I got to Springmeadow Lane, Guido (who was hiding inside his
car to stay warm) informed me it was 29F outside. My toes were frozen
despite all precautions.
But it warmed up a bit as we climbed (slowly and controlled) Scripps
Poway and rode over to Mussey (with some strong pulls by Raibert and
Matt Davis). We then rotated through smoothly as we descended Mussey,
had some snacks and climbed back up. The temperatures were up to 64
now. At the Mussey/67 intersection the group split up – some went back
through HVR and Rick, Matt Babb, Bob Raibert and Jeff Southerton did a
few laps around Archie Moore/HVR/67 as TTT practice. Nicely done!

Photos are attached. You should have come!

Good luck to everyone at Stagecoach next Saturday, and don’t forget to
renew your Descenders membership if you haven’t done so already!
— Oleg

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