Mt. Hamilton Ride Report (by David Voris)

Here is the trip report for today with Keith (Descenders Norcal). Pictures attached:

I stayed up the Bay area this weekend preparing for Rechelle and Audrey to arrive for some college touring in NorCal this weekend. So Keith James (a relocated Descender) and I hooked up for a great Bay Area classic Saturday Morning. Its amazing that a remote HC climb like Mount Hamilton could start a mere 9 miles away from my Bay Area Apartment!

We had a rare mid-60 degree February day to conquer Hamilton, both the west and East side. I wouldn’t call it a conquer exactly, but we got it done. Though it was warm, there was a very winter feel to our legs, so no PRs were set in our 7,000 feet of stiff climbing in 50 miles. Portions of the descent had a monster climb feel, with no cars and curvaceous ribboning roads. You should have come!

David Voris

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