Feb 23, Coastal Ride to Oceanside

we had 13 riders for our Coastal Ride to Oceanside today. 14 if you count Bob Proulx who showed up at the meeting spot at 8AM, but then realized he forgot to bring his bike!
He took the team photo and went for a run instead. We had 10 descenders at that point. We met Larry just before we hit the coast as well as Eileen and Jeff in Del Mar. Unfortunately we missed Chris Babb, Matt’s twin brother, who was supposed to meet us in Solana beach.
We had some strong but steady pulls along the coast but nobody wanted to contest the sprint by the time we got to the Oceanside. The day was getting pretty warm and a lot of riders shed the vests and knee warmers while we had lunch. On the way back we had a few exciting uphill sprints animated by Matt, Mike Farkas and even Rick himself, who at some point attempted to outsprint a bus.
We split up a bit just before we turned inland, and then again at a few stop lights that kept changing to red as the group was trying to roll by. We finally regroupped at the San Dieguito Reservoir in Santa Fe. We did a Stud loop and I foolishly tried to break away from the group on next-to-final climb before finally being caught with 100 yards to go. It was painful and embarrassing. It was also quite windy on the way back home. By the way, Claus got 102 miles in today.

Some photos are attached, and some linked below. You should have come, Oleg.


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