Sunday Ride-Torrey Pines, PCH and RSF Loop-Ride Report

Torrey Pines, PCH and RSF Loop

3 March 2013

My Saturday ride was cut way short due to the broken spoke at the top of SPP. I had to turn in the Cervelo to get the maintenance done but I still had the old trusty Trek to ride. Despite a group invite and numerous prodding individual messages, only Guido and Bryan Jones volunteered for the Sunday ride. I know many others were out there based on Strava entries so it was another good day to be on a bike.

Bryan, Guido and I met up on the bike path and headed for the coast. After a nice pace ride to PCH we headed down the hill towards Torrey Pines. Our plan was to ride up the inside and then head back down on the outside road. Bryan took off smartly and flew up the hill with me and Guido in hot pursuit. I closed the gap as we neared the bathrooms and stayed on his wheel to the light. Guido joined us and we headed back north along PCH. There were plenty of riders out all along the roads. Our pace was nice and comfortable, Guido was feeling the effects of the hot and difficult Alpine ride from Saturday.

We turned inland at Lomas Sante Fe and climbed toward RSF. Three riders passed us at the light at the start of the climb. I was taking a picture and Guido & Bryan got caught at the light. The three guys flew up the climb, Bryan went after them. He pretty quickly caught one guy who then decided to pass Bryan. Bryan was having none of it so he dropped the hammer and smoked the dude. He was so utterly defeated that I was able to sneak by him before the stop sign at the top. Guido joined us and we pedaled on toward El Camino Real, where we turned north.

Our route cut us through RSF and back up Via de Fortuna to El Montevideo toward the reservoir. We stopped at the house on Mimulus to get water as I had lost a water bottle early in the ride and was parched. Bryan pulled us along Stud Loop and then we headed back toward El Apajo. We were stopped at the light before the Three Witches when a rider rode by heading up the hill. He tried to conceal himself by covering up his face, but that made him more conspicuous. I could tell by the pedal stroke it was Cresap trying to evade us. We quickly caught Jeff and climbed the hill all together. After a short stop we cruised through Santaluz and sped out the south gate toward the bike path.

Guido followed me up the path while Bryan and Jeff headed toward their houses. We rode between 42-45 miles and climbed over 3,000 feet. Guido was tired and I was glad to make up for some lost mileage. Attached are a couple of photos.

Ride on-


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