Ride Report – Race for Autism


Strava says that we had Desenders in several locations today.

The scheduled ride went to Old Julian, HVR, etc., and sounded like several attended.

Some of us, notably Rick, Dave V, myself and my son that’s on the spectrum, Alec, were once again the lead-out bike riding Bunnies at the Race for Autism 5k in Balboa Park. Dave V is friendly of the founders of the Race for Autism and has held the Rabbit duties every year.

Rick is nursing a sore knee so regular Descender rides are off for the time being, so he welcomed the opportunity to join the rabbit contingent, bunny ears and all (pics attached).

With Alec’s bike riding skills still being somewhat erratic (slow on the descents, fly’s up the climbs – my polar opposite) having the four of us this year was perfect. Alec and I got a head start and good lead on the (fast) lead runners so we could complete the sketchy initial sections of the route in peace, while Rick and Dave V lead-out the thousands of runners. Alec and I joined the point at the bridge while Dave V floated back to take the rabbit position for the leading woman runner.

The lead runner gaped the field so Rick took the point while Alec and fell back to the second place runner. After a few minutes Alec started raising his game and started pushing the pace to catch Rick (Alec is fully aware of Rick’s strength) and wanted to take the lead rabbit position. I had to laugh when Alec rode right in front of Rick, then slowed down slightly, as if to say take my wheel. I quickly got Alec to move up a bit and Alec ended up leading the group at the finish. Perfect.

The Race for Autism is a great event for a good cause and we’re happy to be able to help.

See ya on the road tomorrow.

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