Sheehan Nifty Fifty Ride–addendum to ride report

Hi All,

Oleg aptly described the ride well in his ride report. I volunteered to host a 50th birthday ride for Sheehan and planned to include two of the original Descender sections, climb up Poway Grade and HVR descent. Oleg suggested a route that included a number of great ride segments we have done over the years. My only requirement was that we had to cover at least 50 miles and I had to get Dave home in one piece; requirement from Laurie.

I drove over to Sheehan’s house so we could ride together for the entire ride. Dave Boyle was riding over to meet us as I drove up to the house. Great to have Boyle out again, he said he would not miss the birthday ride for Sheehan. We were about ready to leave, Laurie took a group photo and then Ernst rolled up to the house.

The four of us rode the 10 miles over the the start to meet the rest of the group. We covered the route Oleg described and eventually stopped for water at the gas station by the mall and I-15. A few of the guys had to roll back toward home and a number of us wanted to get an early head start for the climb up HVR so we all rolled out over the Lake Hodges pedestrian bridge. We started the climb and Eileen took off chasing Rick (the cop) while the rest of us strung out along the steep HVR climb.

The remaining fast guys blew by us before the Bandy Canyon turn. I hung back with Sheehan as we swept up the group. Jeff S and Eileen headed back down HVR near Starvation Mountain, riding back to the coast. We continued to ride up but Sheehan had to get home so he wanted to also return back down HVR. I accelerated toward the top of HVR to let the rest of the guys know we would be reversing course. The regroup was near the school before Archie Moore. The gang rode toward Dye Road while I turned around to catch Sheehan.

We descended safely together and cruised along Pomerado Road back to his house. Our ride was about 60 miles and 5,000 feet of climbing; not exactly a nifty fifty but that means we can use the route for many birthdays to come. Attached is a photo. I will upload the rest to Shutterfly.

Happy Birthday Dave Sheehan!

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