SPP and HVR Loop Ride Report

SPP and HVR Loop Ride Report

Hi Guys,

Lesson learned, do not plan a group ride the day before the Tour de Poway; especially when the winds are whipping at 20-25 mph. The planned route was Mussey and Pamo. I was only going to do part of the ride to save something for the Sunday ride. I thought a few folks would join.

I got to the top of Black Mountain on the bike path and no Guido. I rode solo over to Spring Meadow and said hi to Daisy and Rochelle but no Voris riding. I rode to the 7-11 and took a solo group photo for the 8 am start, only me.

Tony O showed up a few minutes late, dropped off by his wife. We waited until almost 8:10 am and just after I verbally abused Sheehan for not coming, he rolls to the start. The three of us climbed up SPP. Tony took off to chase some guys and we regrouped at the top.

We headed north towards Ramona. Cresap was spotted out riding just after we passed Poway Grade. He was heading south back towards SPP. We waved and rolled on. Tony planned to head over to Pamo while Sheehan and I were descending HVR. At Archie Moore Road we split as Tony continued along 67.

The winds were whipping but also swirling a bit. I took Sheehan on Sky Valley Road to get to the top of HVR. Cars went by so we waited until we had a gap. Sheehan took off on the descent. I caught up to him near Starvation Mountain Road as he slowed for me. The swirling winds blew in our faces and across our wheels but we still kept up a fast pace with the helping winds. We continued on, past Bandy Canyon and through the final curvy section. It was fast at times and Sheehan claimed a number of KOM crowns.

We cruised over to Pomerado and then slit at RB Road. I made by way home via Ted Williams hoping I saved some for Tour de Poway.

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