El Capitan Loop Ride Report

Hi All,

Dave Voris organized a nice "B" paced Descenders ride today. A group of us met at Casa Voris before rolling towards Sycamore Canyon. We had Voris leading the ride, along with Guido, Cresap, Len (TE), John M, Rob and Sy was back in town on another visit. We rode a friendly pace to meet Bill Wood, in country from Australia again, before we started to climb toward SPP.

At the top of SPP we noticed Guido had a gnarly slice in his tire so he gently reversed course and pootled home to replace his tire. The rest of us sped to the bottom of 67 in Lakeside and rode over toward Willow.

Voris stayed on point keeping the paced under control and blocking wind for those of us tucked behind . We made the turn onto El Monte and Voris again took point. He pulled us all the way to the final climb at the reservoir.

We took a short break to enjoy the spectacular views before returning back on El Monte. Voris pulled us to the end for our water break at the 7-11 store. The group then returned back to the climb up 67 to SPP. Cresap and Bill snuck away a bit early from the break so they were already climbing by the time the rest of us got to the turn. Sy pushed to the front and quickly caught, then passed Jeff and Bill. Voris went with Sy and the rest of us rode up at a controlled pace. Len pushed hard to catch the wheel of Voris and Sy. The three of them were at the top when Jeff and I got there.

We regrouped and headed down SPP. Some of the guys headed back to Casa Voris while John M and I rode all the way to Black Mountain Road. John headed south while I climbed back to the bike path.

I finished with 59 miles at a nice pleasant 16 mph pace. Voris plans to host another "B" paced ride next Sunday up to Mussey Grade.

Here are a few photos. I will work on the ride report for the fast paced Saturday ride soon.


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