PCH, RSF & Santaluz “B” Ride Report

Hi Guys,

Voris hosted another group ride, falsely advertised as a "B" ride. We had a good turnout of 12 guys for the Sunday ride. We all met on the bike path before heading toward PCH. Included in the group were John M, Len (TE), Voris, Guido, Cresap, Claus, Sheehan, Ernst, Bernie, Rob, Tony and his son, Patrick. The 45 mile loop took us to PCH, up to La Costa and back into RSF. After climbing Three Witches most of us climbed the Run of the Knolls loop in Santaluz before heading back to the bike path.

The pace was mostly in control with the occasional surges. It warmed up nicely and it was a beautiful morning to be on a bike. One fast surge occurred along La Costa Road where Ernst sped to the front. The group flew at 30+ mph to El Camino Real. The climb up to Lago Lindo was very pedestrian but there was an attack on Three Witches that split the group. At the entrance to Santaluz we lost Ernst and Sheehan who were heading back to Poway. Tony had already left us in RSF.

We lost a guy or two at every major intersection so we were down to just 5 guys by the time we got back to the bike path. I ditched for home, pleased with a short ride. A few photos are below.


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