Coronado Ferry Urban Coffee Ride Report

in stark contrast to pain and suffering that was simultaneously experienced by many Descenders at the Stagecoach Century today, we have hosted one of the mellow-est rides ever attempted by Descenders. Eileen, Jeff, Denise and I met at my house – we picked up Larry 5 miles or so down Morena Blvd – Larry did a quick morning 20K ITT at Fiesta Island, swapped his TT bike for a cyclocross bike with 28mm tires and we were off to our Coronado Urban ride (for Larry this entire ride was an extended cool down).

The ride was also special as it featured the highest ever (by far!) percentage of female riders assembled on Descenders ride – 40%! Naturally, I take full credit for this (with some help from Eileen and Denise) – try and beat this record!

We took it easy going through urban sections of Hilcrest and North Park, descended down Florida St. by the Zoo, rode through dilapidated sections of Barrio Logan and soon we were on Bay Front bike path.

The pace was conversational – as Hodges would say a “pootle”. Nonetheless we ran into a few strangers who tried to race us going “full out” along bike path as we approach Coronado. We let them “win”, while spinning easy at approximately 13mph.

It was sunny and warm by the time we got to the Coronado Ferry Landing. The ferry going to downtown was departing just as we arrived to Coronado Ferry landing, but luckily there was another one in just 10 min, going to Convention Center. The Ferry ride was rather short. We rode through downtown and stopped at Cafe Italia in Little Italy for cappuccinos, cannoli and gelato. *(“Leave the bike, take the cannoli”). Little Italy was crowded with people, partly due to farmers market right around the corner. I learned from Eileen, who is of italian heritage, that creamy sweet stuff inside the cannoli is ricotta. I would have never guessed!

We slowly rode back, but decided to swing by and do a lap around Fiesta first. Turns out Eileen, Jeff and Denise never rode there. While Larry of course must have done 10,000 laps around the island and knows every little crack and grain of sand there. We rode through Ocean Beach bike path, across Mission Bay Drive bridge (boy, that thing is NARROW!) and Old Sea World Drive bike path to Fiesta. After nice pace line around Fiesta, we said goodbye to Larry who was parked there, and headed back. Instead of doing proper cool down we all sprinted up Ariane. Jeff took the top spot.
I was going to say that no KOMs were harmed during this ride, but I think both Eileen and Denise got a few QOMs, despite super-easy pace most of the time.

A fantastic, enjoyable ride with emphasis on camaraderie and sightseeing. Photos are at:

You should have come!

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