High Valley & Highland Valley-Sunday Recovery Ride Report

Hi All,

The Sunday "Recovery Ride" was hosted by Mike Hodges. We had a small group of 7 riders meet at the 7-11 store on Garden Road. I pedaled over to meet Mike at his house. On the way to the start we discussed routes. I suggested avoiding SPP since we had climbed that a number of times recently. Mike, fresh from his trip to Europe, decided to get us up toward Ramona via High Valley.

We met up with John, Len, Cresap, Joel and Eric at the start. Joel has ridden with us a couple of times previously. Eric was on his first Descenders ride, having recently gotten into the biking bug. Joel and Eric were acquaintances of Mike, so as host, he was responsible.

The group rode up the hill to Espola and over to start the climb of High Valley. Mike was going to pedal up with Eric while the rest of us stayed together and did the Coyote Creek Trail out and back. We would all rendezvous again at the top. Our group pace up High Valley was controlled and we stayed close together so no one missed any of the turns on the way. The usual dogs barking from the houses as we rode by did not deter us from our climb. The rollers along Coyote Creek were great; we all stopped for a photo in front of one of the big rocks in the last driveway at the end before heading back out.

Mike and Eric were at the split when we returned so we took another group photo before pedaling toward highway 67. We cruised around Mt Woodson and down to the Archie Moore turn back toward Highland Valley. I led us through the Sky Valley loop and we all hit the descent of HVR. Cresap wanted me to define "Recovery Ride" as he was feeling a disconnect, he called it an interval ride. John liked the pace, just not the 15-18% grades of climbing. I had to remind them that I was not the host for the ride and was just following direction from Mike. Host Mike asked us to regroup at the bottom, just after the final left curve. I knew what he was planning.

It was time for BWR training. Cresap, Len and Joel would have none of it so they rode on HVR. Mike took John, Eric and me along Mule Hill Trail and back over toward Lake Hodges. The trail was still soft in a few places but the recent rains made it a fairly smooth ride. The plan was to meet back up at the gas station for a water break.

Cresap decided to go put in some extra miles so he took off heading for RSF. After a water break we rolled across the pedestrian bridge and everyone turned left towards Pomerado except me. I was already on the west side of I-15 and decided to cruise toward 4S and around the back of Black Mountain for home. My legs were tired and definitely feeling the effects of the Alpine ride from Saturday. I pootled home with 43 miles and just under 4,000 feet of climbing, fun recovery ride.

Here is one photo from our ride. I tried to share a few via picasa and will post the rest on our Shutterfly site soon. Don’t forget to wish Happy Birthday to Geoff and Garet today.


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