Discovering Yi-Shiou’s Parallel Universe

Hi Guys,

Great ride today–Wohlford, South Grade of Palomar and Cole Grade. We had over 20 riders at the start and we picked up Jordan Baab for the Wohlford climb. I will defer to the ride report expertise of Oleg to recount the carnage of the ride. It was fairly long and there was lots of climbing. My Garmin said 67 miles and about 7,300 feet of climbing but I forgot to start it until we were just about to start climbing Wohlford–about 7 miles into the ride.

After regrouping at the corner of Cole Grade and Valley Center we made for our final leg back toward the cars. Bob P was suffering up Cole Grade and he rolled into the rest stop just as we were getting ready to ride. At the top of the hill I decided to turn back to find Bob as he was not in sight. I rode the few miles back to the store and did not see Bob anywhere. There was a rider looking for a friend of hers and trying to find her way back to Harrah’s. I asked her if she had any other riders wearing our kit–no joy. I directed her to turn left from the store to ride to Harrah’s.

I was alone and so I decided to ride the same direction as her for the climb back to Lake Wohlford. It was going to be a bit longer but I was up for the extra miles. A mile into my return I spotted Yi-Shiou coming out of his parallel universe, he had just climbed UP from Harrah’s. Yi-Shiou was still climbing up the last mile of the South Grade of Palomar as were descending. The group started off again after a brief stop at the Taco Shop. Cole Grade was brutal and everyone needed a water break when we got back into Valley Center. Everyone climbed Cole Grade except Yi-Shiou. He had taken a left at the Taco Shop after descending back down South Grade. He climb up Valley Center Road and was just short of the Cole Grade intersection when I spotted him.

I did a quick u-turn and stopped with Yi-Shiou. I told him we could return back over Lake Wohlford or take a more direct route by staying on Valley Center and dropping into Escondido. We might even find Bob along the way. We decided to go the shortest route. I pulled him along and we looked for a bike at all the stores. Just before the turn at Lilac Yi-Shiou spotted Bob sitting against a wall of the Valley Center Oil Center. We both pulled into the parking lot.

Bob had cramped badly trying to stay with the group as we left the last rest stop. I must have missed him when I rode back the first time. He was resting and munching on an ice cream sandwich. We all relaxed for a few minutes before heading out. The three of us climbed up the last hill out of Valley Center and cruised back to our cars at the mall. Never leave a man on the battlefield and explore the parallel universe of Yi-Shiou if you have the opportunity.

Below are two photos from the ride.


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