Saturday Group Ride

Hi All,

What rain? It was a beautiful morning when I rode over to Spring Meadow to get Mike Hodges. The only disappointment of the whole ride was that while I note that Voris was stalking me on Strava and gave me an obligatory kudos for my ride, he was not there as promised at 7:30 am to offer me an umbrella or a sip of coffee or a warm snuggle on his nice sofa. Voris was no where to me found, probably inside his house too fat to get off the couch.

Mike and I pedaled to Pomerado and RB corner to meet ALL the other riders. Sheehan did not want to me be late again so he was already there when we rolled up at 8:02. No one else showed! I guess the banter of last evening scared all those away who did not want to get their hair mussed. The three of us rolled toward the Lake Hodges bridge. The roads were mostly dry but there was plenty of tree debris in the bike lanes. We rode along the path and under I-15 where we picked up Tony O. We now how a 4 rider Descender group ride, must be a record low except for the times when it was pouring and 40 degrees–Hodges and Barrall remember those rides well. To the boys from the British Isles, this was just liquid sunshine. Sheehan is tough as nails and ready for another business trip tomorrow to Nippon land. I was the ever loyal photo journalist just documenting the ride.

I do not want to spoil any more details from our ride since Mike wanted to write up the full report. You can see our route on Strava and with Hodges along, you know it was going to involve some dirt somewhere. We hit heavy rains climbing Via Ambiente but it was mostly dry for much of the morning. Attached are two photos. More ride report details and photos from Mike soon.


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