ToC Trip on May 16th (Friday), with BROCHURE!

We have quite a trip planned for May 16th viewing of Tour of California Stage 6 – which is just 10 days from today!

Please see the brochure attached (read the %&@#%^* brochure!).

Executive summary:
* The best stage to watch is *clearly* Stage 6, which is on Friday. Take a day off!

* We will leave San Diego Thursday night, aim to meet for carpool at 7PM and be on the road by 7:30PM.

* We have 10 riders who signed up so far, and 5 rooms ($63 per room) already booked at Best Western by Rob – if you want to join us but have not RSVP yet, please contact Rob ASAP! Hotel rooms may not be available if you hesitate!

* Friday morning we will aim to ride by 8AM. The course options range from 30 miles to 100 miles (with 13K ft of climbing, for ambitious types!).

* 100mile route:

* Proposed route(s) looks like a giant letter Y – at 15 miles we get to the fork in the road, this is Mount High Ski Resort where the stage will finish. I propose doing two out-and-backs, one on Angeles Crest Hwy where Tour of California went through in 2010, another one down Big Pines Rd, riding the final 11 miles or so of the stage. Both sections can be shortened as desired, so lots of flexibility here.
After each out-and-back we will come back to Mount High.

* We will also have a support vehicle (water, food, clothes, chairs) parked at the Y (Mount High). It will be a first-class, full service affair! (Hodges, sorry, no massage, we have to draw the line somewhere!).

* The peloton arrival time at Mount High (finish) ranges from 3:15PM to about 4PM. We only need to descend to cars (15 miles mostly super-fast downhill at 30+mph), load up and go home, but I estimate we probably won’t be back to San Diego till about 8PM due to Friday night LA traffic.

You should come!

Tour of California Trip 2014 May 16.pdf

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