RSF, Del Dios, HVR & Poway Grade Ride Report

RSF, Del Dios, HVR & Poway Grade Ride Report

24 May 2014
by Rob Verfurth

The route today included the roads and areas noted above plus Mussey Grade. I had to bail at Archie Moore so missed some of the ride. Anyone who wants to fill in the gaps, please offer you insights.

We had a large group at the start of the ride and picked up a couple more early in the ride. There were 17 Descenders and one visitor, Jim, who rode very well. The Descender group included Matt B, Rick W, Voris, Guido, Rick B, Bob P, Tony, Ernst, Bernie, Rob, Hodges, Claus, Paul P, Geoff, Jeff L, Larry and Eric R.

The pace was going to be brutal all day looking at the riders from the start. Unfortunately my pace expectations were exceeded, the pace was very fast as times and good training ride for the upcoming MC trip. We rode quickly up CDS and then flew down Three Witches towards Stud Loop. Rick B took off driving the group toward the start of Stud Loop. The pace was fast but I hid behind Voris, who hid behind Rick B, who hid on the wheel of Rick W. We had a large group flying into the turns and a number of Strava awards were handed out with our speed averaging over 20 mph. Hodges skipped Stud Loop to get a lead on us down Del Dios. He has been off form the last few weeks after traniing too hard for BWR. He is really resting up for the MC trip and will be ready to pounce.

The descent down Del Dios was fast but in control and the climb back up was thankfully not too fast, I was able to hide at the back and hold onto wheels to get me to Lake Drive. The Lake Drive pace did not slow down with Larry, Rick B and Matt on point; pushing all the way back to Via Rancho Parkway. We took a short break to regroup before riding to the gas station past I-15 for a longer water break. Mike took off early to gain some time up HVR. After crossing the pedestrian bridge over dry Lake Hodges we headed for HVR. Ernst bailed for home at this point. Eric R pushed hard to Bandy but had to turn around to get home. Jeff L climb part of HVR but had to return early as well. All the guys flew up HVR except Hodges (see note above). I went by Mike and told him I was bailing at Archie Moore to get to a family event. Good excuse as my legs were dead.

From the Strava comments it appears that the pace down and back up Mussey was super fast, glad I was heading back down Poway Grade by that time. I only got in 53 miles but made it back for my family event. Claus and Larry each covered more than a century. Bob P rode super strong and earned 63 awards on Strava, Paul P nailed 86 awards with more than 6,000 feet of climbing. Looks like the whole gang is about ready for the Monster Climb trip. Fun day riding.

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