Mussey Ride Report and Sunday Ride

Hi All,

We had a fun ride today–Mussey and Pamo. There were 10 riders at the start–Tony, Rick W, Bob P, Eric R, Guido, Larry, Eric G, Rick B, Geoff and Rob. I am not sure I should be writing about the planned ride as I was hardly ever with the group and missed some of the route, but here are a few observations.

Guido, Bob P, Geoff and I met up at Case Voris, not expecting him to show. He did not. We rode over to the 7-11 and caught Rick B who was out riding his ElliptiGO for the ride. We met everyone at the 7-11 and cruised up SPP. Eric G fell back and I used up lots of limited leg energy to catch the group at the top of the climb.

On the Hwy 67 section to Mussey, I was dropped and fell way back. The guys were nice enough to wait for me and then we all descended Mussey Grade. Rick B was out early and we chased him to the end with Guido getting the win, despite lots of work done by Rick B and Larry. I hid in the back and it still hurt. I left early trying to get towards the top again. Eric G came and turned around as well. Even with the head start, I finished last as the group started to split from there.

Bob P turned left to head home. Eric R took the left turn onto HVR while the we turned onto Dye. Rick B took Hwy 67 straight into Ramona where we all regrouped for water. Rick W did the major pull along Dye Road and them we hammered into town along San Vicente. I hid in the back and it still hurt. Lots of water was consumed and I decided that Pamo was not in the cards for my legs. I stayed in the back until the turn to Pamo and I went left towards the Ramona Grade. I pootled my way back to the mall, over the Lake Hodges pedestrian bridge and a slow route through 4S to get home with very tired legs. I assume the rest of the ride to Pamo went well. Lots of Strava awards earned by the guys today. Here is a photo of Rick B on his ElliptiGO.

The Sunday ride is supposed to be meeting at the 7-11 but Guido has volunteered to lead a coastal ride. Meeting spot change to Black Mountain and 56 bike path at 8am. Guido will ride to the coast.

Ride safe-

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