Aug 29 San Clemente Ride Report

Thanks to Rob for sending out an excellent summary of our recent rides.One ride that was missing is our San Clemente Adventure.
Last Friday we met for an impromtu ride along the coast. Riders included Len, John Moran, Hodges and me. We met at Carmel Valley with a plan to ride north along the coast, to Oceanside, through Pendleton and to San Clemente.
We picked up a few random riders here and there, but for the most part it was just the four of us and we stayed together with no surges or attacks. This was definitely the longest John and I actually rode together. We made a stop at Oceanside to refill the water bottles and continued through and past Pendleton, into a bit of a headwind. We stopped at San Clemente Pier for a big lunch – it was getting pretty warm, even along the coast.
On the way back, we were cruising with the tailwind, which made it very enjoyable. In Encinitas Hodges lead the group through a short dirt path.

When we got to Del Mar we stopped at Zel’s for a beer. There we ran into Marci, a rider who joined us for our Soledad ride recently – she was wearing a dress and it took us a while to recognize who she was (she recognized us in descender kits first). Beer fueled John for a brief breakaway towards the Carmel Valley – Len and I finished with about 90 miles, while John and Hodges added a few miles of commuting to get over 100 miles. It was a fun day in the saddle, you should have come.
Photos are at:

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