descenders Descenders Recovery Ride–Sunday, 12 Oct

Sunday Recovery Ride Report

Rob – thanks for the photos … except I just look ill and in pain which I was).

Today we had a sturdy threesome – Tony, Brian and myself. Rode to the mall then took the little switch back section up over Kit Carson and out on to Escondido Blvd. The early morning fogged lingered long and lay upon our clothes. Appropriately for this time of year there were picture perfect spiders webs on some of the scrub bushes (sorry no photo).

A quick detour for a gratuitous climb up Ash then to up and over Jesmond Dean. Instead of continuing down Champagne we turned right up Mountain Meadow – This is a short’ish climb at 11-12% and then has several loops – KOM is one Mr. A Bicket twice as fast as your author. We should include this detour/loop when we are next thinking of going down Champagne. After screaming down (45-50 mph) down the hill we reversed the route back home and ended up once more at “A Taste of France” on Grand Avenue in Escondido. This time (thank the Lord) almond croissants were served – yummy …. My pancreas was squeezing out the last bit of insulin when it was time to go. No insulin bonk thankfully.

Tony peeled off left from Bear Valley Pky and Brian and I took off road through Kit Carson then the foot bridge over Lake Hodges (a fine name to call a lake) then turned right to do Len the Elder diversion to the Sony building. Up and over the climb to the right hand side of Black Mtn (Carmel Valley Rd) at a modest pace.

All and in all, a steady smooth ride ….


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