Week in Review–Ride Reports

Hi Guys,

There was plenty of riding by just about all of the Descenders all over the county this past week. Everyone can see the Strava posts (unless you are doing some of that clandestine training). I will give a very brief synopsis of a few of the group rides this past week.

Skive Ride-Questhaven, Double Peak and CSUSM Loop–Thurs, 6 Nov

There were only three of us that played hooky last Thursday–Sheehan, Zach Barber and Rob. We started at the bottom of HVR and showed Zach some new routes over to Harmony Grove. We enjoyed our climb up Questhaven–the recent rains firmed up the dirt quite a bit. The climb up Double Peak was as painful as usual so we relaxed at the top for a while with strong breezes from the east. Our descent down towards CSUSM was fast and we then cruised back, reversing course toward Lake Hodges. We split in Poway and finished with 40 miles. Always a fun Skive Ride.

RSF, Del Dios & HVR Loop–Sat, 8 Nov

The Saturday group ride met on the bike path at Black Mountain Road. We had a good group of riders: Voris, Tony, Rick W, Guido, Larry, Neil, Bernie, Bob P, John M and Rob. We also had a cameo viewing of Keith Sherwood in RSF and met up with Eric R up in Ramona, more details later. The group spun by Santaluz where we picked up Bob P. He noted that Keith S was heading down Three Witches, only a few minutes in front of us. At the turn to Three Witches, I spun to the wheel of Big Rick as he hammered down. Larry came to the front for part of the descent, the group all moved fast down the hill. A number of us had new Starva PR times thanks to the guys pulling us along.

We cruised over to Stud Loop where we kept up a brisk pace. We caught and passed Keith on Stud Loop and then stopped at the corner of Del Dios to regroup. Keith rolled by and continued down Del Dios. The group cruised along but eventually spread out a bit along the climb. I hid behind Voris as he motored along. We caught Keith again along Lake Drive and he said he was heading to San Elijo while our group was off to HVR. We regouped at the corner of Via Rancho Parkway. I had burned a few matches earlier so volunteered to wait for John while the group rolled toward the gas station near the mall. John and I pootled to meet the group. Voris and Proulx had already bailed for home so we were down to 8 riders as we rolled to HVR.

The climb up HVR was beautiful. It was a nice morning and I swept up the group to make sure no one got lost. I did stop by the scene of the crime–my last time on HVR–the fast descent that ended in my fall. Always therapeutic to relive the moments–gotta face your fears. John and I finished about the same time as we caught up with the group waiting patiently for us at the corner of Archie Moore. I was done and ready to cut towards Mt Woodson since the route still had Mussey Grade on the agenda. The guys talked me into finishing HVR with the promise that everyone would skip Mussey. Guido took point and I hid on his wheel. He pulled the paceline the entire 3+ miles back to 67, another Strava PR thanks to the work of Guido.

We rolled to the country store for a water break. All except Tony–he had made a U-turn and descended back down HVR for home. Eric R was at the country store, all decked out in this colorful Giant kit and his new Pinarello wheels–looking very sharp. Eric was riding with a Giant teammate, almost the same route we had just completed. We rode as a larger group along 67 until we got to Poway Grade. Guido, Rick W and I headed down the grade while the other guys rode toward SPP. After a fast descent where Rick pulled us to Espola, Guido pulled me towards Ted Williams and back toward home. I made a quick stop to see a friend but got home with about 58 miles and 4,300 of climbing; good group ride.

Recovery Ride–Poway Explore-The Heritage–Sunday, 9 Nov

I pedaled over to the 7-11 to meet anyone who was riding the easy Sunday ride. I met up with Hermann Schaefer at the start. No one else showed so Hermann and I decided to do some exploring in Poway. We cruised over on Espola and turned into The Heritage. I was inspired by the recent ride of Dave Ernst in this private community. Sheehan and I use to ride the dirt trails in the area but I had not done any road riding. Hermann and I rode up a number of roads that all seemed to dead end. We could see the Eagle Crest community and knew HVR was up over the mountains but we could not find a road that got us there. We missed the Nick V climb but now that I studied the Ernst ride, we will ride that segment next time. I also found a road that might connect with Eagle Crest. Hermann and I did ride to the water tower and had great views from the top. After the exploring in The Heritage, we rolled back toward Pomerado and I pootled back to home; a nice 35 mile recovery ride.

I have attached a couple of photos and will up-load the rest onto our Shutterfly account soon.

Sheehan is planning a Skive Ride this week–Thursday am. I will send out a separate message to remind all riders.


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