Skive Ride Report–Zumbar Coffee Stop

Del Mar and RSF Ride–Zumbar CafeSkive Ride-15 January 2015

by Rob Verfurth

The group met on a crisp and and sunny morning on the 56 bike path for the planned Skive Ride. I missed the fun Tuesday adventure and planned to host the ride. My body was still hurting a bit from the Wed Nite–MTB & Beers adventure. After a successful ascent of Black Mountain we headed back to PQ Canyon for a bit more dirt before heading to the beer party. My usually stellar athleticism and agility temporarily escaped me when I failed to navigate a high curb. Instead of a smooth jump over the curb by lifting my front wheel, I kinda just hit it. The result was a forward summy over the front wheel; quite acrobatic I was told. The light from my helmet illuminated my rotation and thud to the pavement. I hit the sidewalk and the bike crashed over me, falling on my recently recovered right wrist and arm. Fortunately, no major damage to the wrist; just a few bumps and bruises. I did manage to continue our ride in the dirt and happily consume a few post-ride beers.

I gladly handed over the host duties for the Skive Ride to Hodges and tried to hang with the group from the back. Also on the ride were Tony O, Jeff L and Todd Callaway. We headed down the bike path toward PCH. Hodges loves the climb up Portofino and Mango so we rode north to Del Mar Heights. After cruising through the neighborhoods in Del Mar we stopped for a group photo at the vista overlooking the estuary and race track. It was a beauty day and we enjoyed the gorgeous vistas. Mike led us through the circuitous route that dropped us down to Jimmy Durante Road and toward the race track.

I had seen photos of Oleg and Mike from the Tuesday Skive Ride that went along the new trails of the estuary so I was not surprised when it looked like Mike was going to have us turn onto the trail. He unfortunately did not communicate well so his stopping surprised Todd who broke hard and surprised Jeff even more as he did not even brake until the last second. The result was a rear wheel collision that caused Jeff to fall from his bike. I was well to the rear and off to one side so I have plenty of proof that I was NOT involved in the fall. Jeff did a good job of mostly avoiding Todd and he even somewhat gracefully fell; no damage to any bike and only a knee scrape. No harm, no foul; we were quickly back on our way riding the dirt on the Coast to Crest trail. We crossed under I-5 and rode over past the Flower Hill Mall, eventually looped back toward the coast on Via De La Valle. Mike wanted to get us to Nardo Ave.

We, of course, routed first to the gratuitous climb of Highland Court but made our way to Nardo. Mike prepped Todd on the segment and he did not disappoint. Todd is a great climber and he surged up the hill, flying past Mike, and disappeared around the bend. I am sure Todd finished up fairly high in the Strava segments; surely very high for the 2015 crowns! We regrouped along the neighborhood roads that go through Solana Beach and back onto PCH. We cruised up the coast and turned at the Cardiff Kook statue, making our way to Zumbar.

It was coffee break time. We all got a nice cup of Joe and a croissant (in Hodges case), relaxed on the front porch and enjoyed the warming day. Love the Skive Rides. After a satisfactory period of time we decided to make our way back via RSF. We rolled along Manchester Ave, back east of I-5 and turned toward RSF. We climbed El Mirlo and then turned at Via de Fortuna, making our way to Del Dios. Tony turned north on Del Dios to get back home while the rest of us rode toward Three Witches. Todd led us up the climb and pushed the pace all the way to Santaluz. We regrouped and rode south on Camino Del Sur toward the bike path. Jeff L turned toward home at Westview HS, Todd and Mike continued on the bike path while I pootled up to my neighborhood. A fun 40 mile ride with 2,500 of climbing; perfect Skive Ride.

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