BWR Ride Update

Hi Guys,

While descenderdavid is sharing various Instagram photos during the ride, I thought I would provide a quick update from my perspective. I headed out from my house just after 9 am thinking I might see the BWR riders near Santaluz. I rode to the top of Black Mountain Road and saw a huge group of racers flying along Carmel Valley Road, heading east toward 4S. I hit the corner and latched onto the group.

We passed a large number of women riders as we descended to Dove Canyon Road. I guess a wave of women riders left the start early. I found out the group of guys I was riding with started at 8:20 am. I did not see any Descenders but thought I wold tag along with this group for a bit and then circle back. The pace seemed pretty quick to me as we made our way up through 4S Ranch and then by Rancho Bernardo Community Park. We went over I-15 and turned left onto HVR. I stayed fairly close to the front as we sped toward the climb. I hit the accelerator a bit and found myself near the front as the group spread out along the climb to Bandy Canyon.

We safely descended and flew along Bandy. Off to our left we could see some of the early riders heading back along the dirt single track trail. I think I saw Larry Tanzo leading a large group just before the turn at Ysabel Creek. Our group was now about 20 riders with a few off the front. Somehow I got to the front and pushed the pace to catch the two guys out in front of us just as we got the the turn around.

We took a sharp left hand turn to hit the dirt single track. One of the front guys missed the turn so I found myself in second spot with about 20 riders hammering behind me. Fortunately I did not fall on the packed dirt trail. The rains made the trail nice a firm. The group hauled it back toward Ysabel Creek where I stopped to take photos of the Descenders who I could see were now on Bandy Canyon.

I was able to take a photo of Oleg, Larry, Nate, Ernst, Claus and Mike Hodges. Rick B and Bryan Taylor must have been way out front so I never did see them. The guys looked strong as the made the turn 46 miles into the ride at Ysabel Creek. Just after taking a short video of Hodges as he was asking how far ahead was Clause, I decided it was time to keep riding. I had hung for about 20 miles with the group so decided to head back up Bandy.

I saw Jeff Cresap coming back along Bandy as well. He had climbed to the top of HVR and then back down to Bandy already. We rode up Bandy, down the last mile of HVR and along Pomerado to Poway Road. I headed west for home. I got in 40 miles in very nice weather, perfect BWR riding conditions. The guys are still out there, descenderdavid might be a 5 by now. Here are a few photos.

Next Sat is Kitchen Creek and Pine Creek–gonna be a good one!


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