descenders Descenders Alpine Ride Report

While everyone else was away enjoying the tropical weather on Mt Baldy, a couple of us got together for an Alpine Ride on Saturday. Paul and I met up at Casa Voris where we learned that Dave’s poison oak rash was going to keep him out for another day in the saddle. Get better soon, Dave. And please do not share any pictures of the rash….

We soft-pedaled to the 7-11 on Garden and waited until the appointed departure time of 8am to find that we were the only takers for the local alternative to the Mt Baldy event. So, we rode. Nothing of note until Paul got a flat on 67. Who hasn’t? I have had at least 3. Road debris is Hwy 67’s real charm. We headed into Lakeside where the locals took umbrage to our presence and gave us a few honks and a close pass or two. All in a days ride through the hinterlands of SD county.

The ride down Harbison and up Dehesa was quite pleasant with cool temperatures and relatively pleasant drivers. We stopped at the top of Tavern, refueled and hit the descent. By this time it seemed to have become much cooler – almost to the point of being cold. For me, much preferable to May of last year. We jumped behind a group of cyclists as we passed El Monte and drafted up to Moreno where we proceeded again as a team of two. The locals were much better behaved this time.

Climbing 67 was actually not bad, unlike pretty much every other time I have ascended the grade. Cool weather. A bit of a tailwind. Lots of debris, but a tailwind makes up for a lot. We both hit the green light at the top and descended into a pretty stiff headwind on SP Pwy. No PRs on the descent to be had. After a somewhat spirited pace along SP Pwy, we dropped down to Black Mountain Road and made our way home. A great day on the bike.

You should have come! I really mean it this time.


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