Mussey & Pamo Ride Report and Descenders Sunday Recovery Ride

Hi All,

Mussey & Pamo dished out plenty of punishment today. We had 10 riders at the start, Jeff L, Richard, John M, Jim W, Tony O, Eric R, Rick B, Hermann, Todd and me; and quickly picked up Bernie, Larry and Steve K as we started our climb of SPP. We regrouped at 67 and sped towards Mussey. I was quickly dropped and swept my way past Mt Woodson. One of our new riders, Richard McKay, blew his tire and most of the guys stopped to help. I rolled past and picked up John & Hermann to go to Mussey. Jim W was there waiting as he had been out front when the flat hit.

We all rode to the bottom of Mussey and I tried to get them going before the train arrived, no luck. All the guys showed and we rode quickly back to the top. Jeff L and Hermann headed back toward home while the rest of us hit Dye Road toward downtown Ramona. Lisa Rehberg and riding pal had a flat on Dye so Eric R and some of the guys stopped to help. We regrouped at the gas station, got water, fixed more flats and finally rode to Pamo. I turned at the bridge, after running into the barb wire fence trying to take some photos, just a flesh wound. I returned to the top to take photos while everyone charged up from the valley floor.

I planned to descend Ramona Grade. Steve K joined me while the rest of the group went back into Ramona. Steve pulled the first mile or so before I finally felt guilty enough to take a turn. I pulled for a mile and then looked back…no Steve. I slow pedaled…no Steve. I was tired and out of water so I rolled into San Pasqual school to try to find some water. No water and no Steve. I was too tired to go find him so I pootled on up Bandy and down HVR, finally stopping at the RB Community park across the highway. I refilled with water and headed back out by the baseball fields to West Bernardo Drive. The riding Gods must have been mad at me for abandoning Steve K. I turned right from the last driveway but failed to notice all the soft gravel. My front wheel gave out and I fell on my right side, sliding on my right hip and both gloves. Not much damage really, just some to the riding shoes, pedal and right hip with a few more scratches on the right shin. My hip is swollen, scraped and a bit of a mess. I slowly made my way home and then did a fly-by to see that Steve K and everyone else made it home safely.

I was planning on starting my rest for Hood to Coast after the Sunday ride. Guess I will start it now. I know Tony & Sheehan are riding tomorrow. Any one else want to join? Ride info is below.

Sunday, August 23
8:00am Moderate Sunday Recovery pace ride. Route decided on the spot. 35-45 miles, easy pace. Meet at 8AM, the corner of Pomerado and Rancho Bernardo Road

WhenSun, August 23, 8am – 12pm
Wherethe corner of Pomerado and Rancho Bernardo Road

A fun ride. A link to the photos are below. I am ordering Rudy helemts tomorrow. Oleg and I have orders–anyone else want to get in on our order? See you in a couple of weeks–Portland for H2C next weekend.


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