Ride Reports Update

Hi Guys,

I have been remiss in getting out any ride reports of late. Below are a few group rides and photos I was able to attend over the last month.

Oceanside Harbor Loop-3 October 2015

Our usual fast paced coastal ride to Oceanside looked like it would be a nice relaxing poodle given riders that showed up for the start. We had 8 Descenders-Bob P, Jeff L, Hodges, John M, Bernie, Steve B, Claus and Rob-and a few guests at the corner. The guest were a nice couple, Bob and Karen, along with Andrew, a friend of Jim Wilkerson. We headed west on the bike path and then cut up towards Del Mar Heights before getting to the neighborhood by the pond. We wanted to heed the advice of Dave Ernst by staying away from the congested bike path and avoid the stop signs into Del Mar. As we crossed I-5, we climbed up the hill and then turned north to cruise through the small neighborhoods above PCH. Little did we know that Len and Larry were waiting for us down at the corner of Del Mar Heights and PCH.

Hodges led us through the curving roads to the cul-de-sac that overlooked the estuary and ocean, great views. After a group photo we looped back down hill and ended up by the racetrack, then crossed Via De La Valle and climbed up Ida Avenue before making our way to Nardo Road. Hodges loves the roundabout routes that get us to see some of the nice neighborhoods in Del Mar and Solana Beach. We eventually made our way over the pedestrian bridge, just north of the train station, and back onto PCH. The pace was lively but not too quick. We were now on our usual route going north, past Swami’s, the Neptune Loop and then up towards Carlsbad. This was about the time Len and Larry caught up to us. They waited at the corner where we never came. Larry then hammered up the coast with Len hanging onto his wheel.

Our pace quicker with the addition of Larry to the group. We flew into Carlsbad and up towards Oceanside. Jeff L turned around in Carlsbad. Steve B headed back south as we hit Oceanside Harbor. I tried in vain to get enough of a lead as we came to the last mile of the sprint. Larry waited patiently with Bernie and Andrew in his wheel, before they blew by me on the last curve. We did have a nice exchange with a truck that pulled a u-turn right in front of us with about a half mile to go; gotta stay awake out there. We stopped at the bathroom for a water break. Bob & Karen were heading a different direction so they pedaled away.

We finally got going again and I took off after passing the Oceanside Pier. The group slowly reeled me in just south of Carlsbad. We flew along past the power plat tower and descended down by Ponto Bech. I was on the front heading down and slowed a bit on the climb back up. Larry came to my when and gave me some assistance to climb faster. About this time I heard some noise and looked over my left shoulder. Len was in the air and falling hard. I saw Hodges near him. Hummm…I saw Hodges right in front of Tony a month earlier when he fell on our tour around RSF…coincidence….you be the judge.

Len sustained some elbow damage but he managed to get up. All the guys were trying to fix the bike and attend to Len. I think others jumped over the falling bike but it seemed like everyone else was ok. There was some talk about phoning Mary Beth, John’s wife to come get the wounded warrior. Eventually Bob P and I headed off to RSF. We knew the boys would catch us soon enough. Bob and I turned at La Costa and made our way over to Olivenhain. I was out of water so we stopped at the park to get a refill. We looked back to the road and saw Larry, Claus, Bernie and Andrew fly by. We knew we could not catch them so we kept our own pace climbing up El Camino Del Norte to RSF. We skipped Stud Loop and made our way toward Three Witches. We saw the fast guys coming out of Stud Loop as we went by and they caught us before we got to El Apajo. We climbed 3 Witches and spread out along the climb. We regrouped at the top and road through Santaluz, said bye to Bob and cruised out the south gate. We made our way back to the bike path with guys bailing out towards home. I got home, about 68 miles and less than 3,000 feet of climbing. A nicely paced 16.7 mph, no the usual hammerfest to Oceanside. Len was the only causality but he looked ok.


La Jolla Shores Ride-11 October 2015

The Sunday Recovery Ride started with a nice group: Cresap, Peter, Steve B, JohnM, Sheehan and Rob. We rolled along the bike path and met Marci near Carmel Valley Road. We rode to the beach and climbed up Torrey Pines, outer road. At the top, I suggested we head towards La Jolla Shores for coffee. There was some indecision and by the time we got past UCSD, Cresap had got straight while John, Peter and Steve filled a u-turn to head back up the coast. That left me, Sheehan and Marci to turn right and ride down the hill, past the Oceanography Pier and into La Jolla Shores. We spotted a new coffee shop and stopped. Sheehan saw a few of his old business buddies, Scott, his CEO boss from Volcano and Jim Gerhardt, another ex-CEO from a pharma company. They chatted about new business deals and we relaxed drinking coffee with a couple of scones. The three of us rode up Calle del Oro, back down Torrey Pines and went with Marci back to El Camino Real. She split off and Sheehan and I went along Del Mar Heights, past the high schools and along Carmel Valley to get back to CDS. I made is home with just over 37 miles, a nice recovery ride.


Torrey Pines and Sorrento Valley Loop-1 November 2015

Another Sunday Recovery Ride. We only had Bob P, Cresap, John M and Rob at the start of the ride. Daylight savings time had ended and we got an extra hour of sleep the previous night. I still wanted more rest to recover from the Julian Fall Ride the previous day. It will get its own ride report soon. Bob P had been out early so he was only heading to the end of the bike path with us. Jeff, John and I climbed Torrey Pines inside and regrouped at the top. It was another spectacular San Diego riding day. I suggested we roll through UCSD to get over the Sorrento Valley. Cresap noted the lack of traffic on Sunday am so we just hit it straight down Genesee, back to the I-5 ramp and went on the highway. We took the first exit to Sorrento Valley and climbed up to Calle Cristobal. I suggested we go climb the loops of Scripps Ranch but as we neared Black Mountain I changed my tune and said I would poodle home. John and Jeff headed straight while I turned left to descend Black Mountain and then climb back to the bike path. I limped home with only 28 miles on a nice recovery ride.


Alpine Loop-7 November 2015

The weather was supposed to be great in the east county on Saturday. It was cool and crisp and the start. I was late but made my way to Spring Meadow to pick up Guido and Geoff B. It was good to see Geoff again. Hodges joined us but his cracked ribs were hurting, even at the start. We rode to the 7-11 store to find a good group of riders: Oleg, Rick B, Farkas, Tony, John M, Len and Larry. That gave us 11 riders at the start. We met Bernie heading up to SPP and picked up Neil in Lakeside; good group out on a great fall day. We climbed SPP; the bright blue skies with views to forever made the climb that much more enjoyable. At the top Farkas u-turned to take Miles to his soccer game. We flew down 67 to Lakeside and over toward Lake Jennings. Oleg had to bail early so he turned after the climb just before Lake Jennings. We now had Neil, so there were still 11 of us as we rode onto Blossom Valley to cut over to Old Highway 80. We spread out a bit on our way to Harbison Canyon. Larry was telling us stories of his childhood when he grew up near Harbison. Rick B, Neil, Geoff, Bernie, Guido, Larry and Rob were out front flying down Harbison. We hit the first descent between Chocolate Drop and Ironside Mountains. I was listening to Larry’s tales!

At the bottom we turned up Dehesa. I accelerated to get in front to take a few photos. By the time I looked back, I was near the entrance to Sycuan Casino. The guys had stopped at the corner. I kept climbing. Soon enough Neil and Rick were coming from behind, fast. Rick has his hurt wrist so he only had one hand on his handlebars. They flew by me, Larry was in hot pursuit. Bernie came by, then Geoff and finally Guido came up to me. The three of us rode the last mile or so together, turned onto Tavern and made our way to the shopping center for a break. Tony, Hodges, Len and John came while we relaxed, hydrated and chatted about biking.

John got out early for the return toward home. We all flew along Old Highway 80 again and went past El Monte–no El Capitan Reservior for this group today. Guido and Tony stopped for a second by the 7-11 while I pushed trying to catch the guys ahead. Neil went straight in Lakeside while we turned to get to the climb up 67. I caught the group after the turn at Wildcat Cantyon and we rode quickly, with Rick B on point to get to the start of the climb. Everyone spreadout on the climb and I suffered solo, watching Len and Geoff B up ahead getting farther and father in front of me. My plan was to descend SPP all the way back under I-15 and climb up Black Mountain to home. Fortunately Guido and Tony caught me right at the interesction of Pomerado. Tony turned north to head home while Guido and I climbed up to get back to Spring Meadow. I gladly accepted his ride home as he had parked in front of Casa Voris. I got in 68 miles but still tackled more than 5,500 feet of climbing. Nice day to be riding.


Del Mar and PCH Loop-8 November 2015

This was a planned Sunday Recovery Ride. We met up at the Black Mountain corner: Hodges, Guido, Sheehan, Hermann, John M, Rob; along with Marci and her friend, Suzie. Hodges decided he wanted to take us on PortoMango loops through Del Mar adn get coffee at Jave Depot. We started fine, but hit the dirt hill off the bike path just to the right of the sunked neighborhood. Marci and Suzie were not having anyhting to do with the BWR stuff. They pedaled up toward Del Mar Heights. We did not want to get split so we all looped back to the road and I pushed to apce to try to catch them up by CCA, the curches and near Cathedral Catholic HS. I never found them. We regrouped and rode across Del Mar Heights to the neighborhood on Del Mar (see Oceaside Ride above). We stopped for our photo but Sheehan missed the turn. He kept going north and ran in Bob P ridng near Encinitas with his group. We got to Jave Depot and called Sheehan to come back south to join us. After a nice relaxing coffee, we rode south along PCH to the bike path. Did get a nice photo of the #obligitorrey shot–low tide, great view. The weather over the weekend was just perfect to be outside enjoying the sunshine, blue skies and great area in which we live. The bike path got a bit spirited on the final section towards CDS. Sheehan pushed the pace, Guido pulled mighily and I did a tug up the last hill over the bridge to wards to Mobil station. We all finally regrouped before I turned towards home–29 miles and a smile on my face. Time to take a dip in the pool, I love this place!


Well, those are the ride reports and photos. I will finish a ride report for the Julian Fall Ride later this week. Mark your calanders for the Udo Heinz ride on Saturday, 14 November with the Ranchos. We should come with a strong show of support for all riders.

Ride safe,

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