Ride Report Round-Up

Hi Guys,

I need to clean up the backlog of ride reports from 2015 before the new year hits. Below are brief summaries of a number of fun rides, along with a link for the pictures. Tony has the us lined up for a fun ride on Sat to kick off 2016 in style. Hope to see you all out for the ride.

Julian Fall Ride-31 October 2015


Riders: Oleg, John M, Voris, Jeff L, Len, Larry, Rob, Guido, Richard, Bernie, Neil, Tony O and a guest-Justin

It was not a costume party but we could have fit right in given the ride was on Halloween. A good group met up at Dudley’s Bakery near Julian for our annual fall tradition of retro kits and a great ride on the roads around Julian. We climbed up to Wynola and did the loop around to get to the start of the Banner Grade. I have a special place in my heart for this ride since about the 2nd-3rd turn on the descent is where I wiped out back in 2009 and the medical care helped find my renal cancer. The group sped down Banner Grade and stopped briefly at the store. John, Jeff L and I decided to climb back up at that point while the rest of the group continued on towards Sissors Crossing; they turned back somewhere out in that direction.

The climb up was nice, with little wind and a sunny, warming day. I got to the Julian Pie shop first while the other guys followed; all except John M–he continued onto Engineers Road. The group sat, ate pie, cookies and drank coffee for a good 45 minutes; a very relaxing morning. Guido and Jeff L had to head back home so they left the group when we headed out. The remaining riders turned onto Pine Hills, rode to Eagle Peak and hit Boulder Creek before climbing Engineers Road. We spread out along the climb and made our way over to the fire station. John M was returning before we got the steep sections of Engineers.

We regrouped at the Fire Station above Lake Cuyamaca and then started the return. Oleg got out early so he could take some photos of the guys flying down the descents. I was near the back and slowing as the ride was wearing on my legs. I also had my recently broken acromion from the MTB Nite riding fall earlier in the week. Climbing out of the saddle was especially challenging. Oleg picked up Richard and helped pull him along until they caught up to me near the Pine Hills turn. The three of us rode as a group back to Highway 78 and the final descent back to the cars. It was a 50 mile ride for me and 5,800 feet of climbing. It was 5+ miles more for the guys that descended more down Banner Grade. The Julian Fall Ride is a Descender Classic. Hope you can make it next year.

HVR & Old Julian Ride-19 December 2015


Riders: Tony, Hodges, Eric R, Rick B, Guido, Ernst, Larry, Rob, Todd, Garet and a Rancho rider on HVR

Ernst made an unexpected showing for the group ride, maybe his self-imposed boycott was coming to an end. It was good to see him out. He was riding his newly modified 1 x 11 gearing with his disc brakes, he rode super strong all day long. The group met in RB and cruised over to HVR. I was recently back from my week of Cabo fun so I quickly fell off the climbing pace, settling into a slow rhythm. Guido and Hodges were back with me. Gareth was late to the start so he worked hard to catch us on the climb. Near the turn to Bandy, Guido got a flat. The rest of us pedaled on to the top where we regrouped at Archie Moore Road.

We made the decision to go back down HVR to sweep up and help Guido. The group climbed back towards the peak near Eagles Crest Road when we turned back. Rick, Eric and Todd had tight schedules so they had to leave. Larry, the Rancho rider we met, and Rob head back down HVR. I was quickly regretting trying to hold the wheel of those fast guys. The other guys were purportedly heading back down HVR.

After Archie Moore, we saw that Ernst Guido, Tony and Hodges were coming fast to catch us. Ernst was on point pulling the guys along. Garet must have retreated down HVR. We were back to a good sized group heading to Ramona; I failed miserably trying to hide in the back. I fell off and only caught the group at Highway 67 due to the red light. The pace along Dye Road was too much for me as well. By the time the group took the turn near Ramona HS for Old Julian, I was cooked.

I departed the group and continued on slowly through Ramona and over to descend the Ramona Grade. Traffic was not too heavy and I safely made it to Bandy. A slow climb up Bandy Canyon, down HVR and a pootle home via West Bernardo Drive and 4S. I got home with 63 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing. The rest of the guys did Old Julian and came home via Highway 67.

Xmas Eve Ride-6 Hills-24 December 2015


Riders: Hodges, Bryan J, Farkas, Bob P, Voris, Geoff, Jeff L, Sheehan, Rob,Garet, Guido, Larry, Len and a few guests: Tony, Brandon and Brent

It was Xmas Eve and I hosted a ride copied off the Hodges route to the coast. We had a large group of riders, including a number of guests. Tony, the riding boyfriend of a Guidotti girl, Brent and Brandon, who was riding a Specialized hardtail MTB. All three of these guys were strong riders. We pedaled our way along the bike path and under I-5.

At Portofino we turned and climbed to Mango, making our way to Del Mar Heights Road. The Hodges route took us through the neighborhoods in Del Mar before we dropped back down to Jimmy Durante Blvd. The group peddled south through Del Mar towards Torrey Pines. Bob P had to bail while the rest of the group climbed the inside road up Torrey. The pace was quick but that did not slow down Brandon. He hammered up on his hardtail.

We regrouped near the golf course and cruised down to La Jolla Shores. Jeff L had to head home at this point. We went all the way to Prospect Road before turning to climb Soledad. The group went up Hillside, again at a brisk pace, to get to the Soledad Memorial. We descended Nautilus and looped back to the Shores before climbing Calle de Oro.

Sheehan fell off the back and made a wrong turn while the rest of the group rolled through the campus of UCSD. Hodges pulled some BWR training a took part of the group through the wooded trails. Larry had a derailleur problem when a stick jumped up into his bike. We regrouped on Genesee Road and made our way to the I-5 ramp. Our plan was to stop at Zumbar for coffee. We had lost a few riders but still had a good group ready to tackle the last few hill climbs.

At Zumbar, Voris and Farkas headed out. We called Sheehan but he was past Zumbar already. We had a nice chat on the front porch with the guys while Hodges played around with his tires, trying to fix two flats. Great coffee and snacks, got us motivated for the climb up Sorrento Valley. Brandon and Brent rode of in another direction while the last of the group rode up Sorrento Valley. Geoff, Hodges and I made a light right before the climb. We tried to get away but were caught by Tony, Bryan and Guido half way to the top.

We all descended Black Mountain but only Hodges had the energy to do the last climb up the Scripps Ranch Hill. The rest of us went up Black Mountain with Bryan peeling off at Park Village and the rest of us heading to home. It was a great Xmas present of a group ride, 47 miles and 3,500 feet of climbing.

Lake Wohlford & Couser Canyon Ride-26 December 2015


Riders: Neil, Rick B, Voris, Geoff, Larry, Guido, Rob, Garet and Patrick & Tony O’Gorman. Also Matt Baab and another Matt–both Ranchos

Everyone had a Merry Christmas and all were ready for a last Saturday group ride of the year. The winds were coming from the north and it was a bright, crisp winter morning. We started at the North County Mall where the Ranchos were starting their usual Saturday group ride. Matt Baab was trying to get the Ranchos group to join our ride with limited success; only Matt and another Rancho, named Matt, joined us. It was cold and we had wind in our face to the climb of Lake Wohlford. Tony was having some breathing issues so Patrick rolled back to his dad. At the top of Wohlford we regrouped and rolled when Tony and Patrick caught up to the group.

The group rode toward Woods Valley and got split up as the pace quickened. At the corner there seemed to be a lull in the action. I decided to hit the accelerator and hammered for a few hundred yards. Matt, Matt and Larry rolled by me, followed by Rick B, Geoff, Guido and Voris. I barely hung onto the wheel of Voris as we sped along Woods Valley, turning towards Lilac Road. The O’Gormans and Garet went the other direction down Valley Center back towards Escondido.

We rode up Couser Canyon and went down the other side. The descent was beautiful, as usual, and we regrouped at Highway 76. A quick cut through the neighborhood got us to the climb back up to the Lilac Bridge. We hit the top and flew down towards Old 395. I was quickly passed by most of the group, tired legs were setting in fast. Geoff B passed me before the Lawrence Welk Resort, I was now sweeping. I skipped the Jesmond Dene turn and headed straight back into Escondido to get back to the mall. The rest of the guys came in a few minutes later. 53 miles and 4,000 feet of climbing for me, great way to finish the Descenders rides for 2015.

That’s all the ride reports for 2015. See you for the group ride on Saturday, let’s start off 2016 with a great group ride.


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