descenders Tour de Escondido – Tony’s Etape 1

A short drive to the French Café in Escondido with Tony – who was on good form and even managed a gentle dig showing he had list none of his acerbic wit.

It was hot as hell walking the 500 yds from car (parked down the road and across the street) to café – Tony pulled ahead of me, but I dug in as I wasn’t letting him get away, not this time anyway. The incredibly strong heat hit us both at the traffic lights at our half way point. We glanced over at each other, seeing who would do the sprint across the red light – fortunately for both of us we waited for the white man to flash (sic) then advanced across the road. It was now a straight shot to the finish line Tony edged ahead and reached out to pull the door open – somehow I managed to dive for the line and get my hand on the door and held it open. It was a photo finish – not sure the result but I will take any win I can.

Only disappointment was their world famous almond croissant had just ran out – literally as we had witnessed the fiend walking out just as we crossed the line (er, sorry stood in line). Oh well another first world problem to contend with.

Whose next up to take on the mighty Tony (wo)mano et mano?

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