Mussey & Pamo Ride Report

Mussey & Pamo Ride Report-2 July 2016

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Hodges, Cresap, John M, Rick W, Jim W, Eric R, Ernst, Rick B, Rob, Lisa & Chris (on Pamo), Josh (a guest from OC) and Bob Raibert (cameo in Mussey)

I pedaled over to Hodges house and we made our way to the 7-11 start. Mike was leaving that evening to fly to Europe. He is doing the Etape again and has a number of days planned riding in France. He is my hero. We did not get more than a mile from his house when his real derailer broke. It was his Ritchey bike, the one he was taking to Europe!. Mike made his way back home while I went to the start. Mike was going to get his bike fixed and meet us later on the ride. We all gathered at the start and had one guest visiting family in San Diego. Josh is a strong rider who lives up in OC.

We started the ride up SPP and immediately got strung out along the climb. I had talked about a few regroup locations but missed providing more direction on riding together as a group. After a bit of coaching from Rick B and Ernst as we climbed, I reinforced the goal of riding together as much as possible when we all got the the top of SPP. We maintained mostly a group pace over to the start of Mussey. We even waited by the Mt. Woodson curve as Josh fixed a quick chain mechanical and caught up to us. The group rode down Mussey together. Ernst displayed some of his "Segan-like" bike handling skills when he hit a bump in the road near the bottom, both hands flew off the top of his handlebars and he still stayed rubberside down; very impressive. It was a picture perfect morning with great views of San Vicente Reservoir. We were surprised to see Bob Raibert roll down the final hill of Mussey Grade. He was out for an early ride before family activiites took over later in the day. Bob has not ridden much with the Descenders of late so it was good to see him. We all pedaled together back to the top of Mussey where we found Hodges waiting on another bike. He gave his broken bike to his wife to drop off at the bike store while he went for a ride. He is my hero.

Bob R had to head home so he went left of 67 while the group rolled together along Dye Road. At the end we lost Ernst and Rick B as they turned around while the rest of us rode to the gas station in Ramona for a water break. The group rode to Pamo, passing Lisa R and her friend Chris, before the descent. We all went very carefully down the curves, descending with a much slower pace than previous rides. This was my first time back to Pamo since Tony’s crash. After a quick regroup and photo at the end of the road, we climbed back up and regrouped again at the top. This group ride thing was working. We rode as a group back to the gas station for more water. Eric R, Lisa, Chris and Cresap pedaled on while the rest of us relaxed for a bit. Our smaller group rode back along Dye Road, regrouping again at the light on 67. This was our final regroup, everyone get home safely.

Rick W and Jim W immediately picked up the pace. I held on past the country store before falling away. Hodges, John and Josh rode together a bit farther behind. I caught up to Cresap by Mount Woodson and we rode down Poway Grade together before I turned onto Espola Road. Now fully alone, I could pootle my way back home. It was a nice 71 mile loop with about 4,600 feet of climbing on a beautiful morning in San Diego. Life is good! The below link has a few photos to enjoy.

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