RSF, Del Dios & HVR-Ride Report-29 October 2016

RSF, Del Dios & HVR Ride Report-29 Ocotber 2016

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Guido, Quoc, Todd, Bernie, Jim W, Eric R, Flo, Sheehan and Rob

The small group met at the corner of Black Mountain Road and the bike path; we were only 4 strong. By the time we got to the next corner at Camino Del Sur, the group grew to the nine riders listed above; plenty of late stragglers. A friend of Paul P and Eric R, Flo, was joining us again. He is a big, strong rider and is finally becoming a member of the club. There were riders with family time commitments so we rolled up CDS, past Santaluz and descended down San Dieguito Road. The group split a bit along Stud Loop. Quoc had to bail and we regrouped with 8 riders as we started our cruise along S6/Del Dios Highway. The pace was moderate until were were joined by some riders from the Wolfpack group. The quickened pace spread folks out on the climb. Jim and Todd hung with the 3-4 riders on point. I eventually fell back while the rest of the Descenders stopped to help Guido with another flat.

At the top of the climb, the Wolfpack guys pulled over while Jim and Todd took the corner at Lake Drive; I was hot on their tail. We cruised along Lake Hodges and stopped at the corner of Via Rancho Parkway. The wait was longer than we expected. Guido finally came from the main light to explain his flat tire. Everyone regrouped and we were about to ride towards the mall when Guido noticed another flat. He was cutting the ride short so he changed his tire while the rest of us rode to the gas station for a water break. We met up with Paul P and his buddies–out for a 100 mile training ride to prepare for the Pedal the Cause ride in two weeks. Huge effort on their part. We chatted and relaxed long enough for Guido to catch back up. We rolled to the pedestrian bridge where Todd had to head for home, the rest rode to the start of HVR. Sheehan and Guido kept going on Pomerado; we were down to 5 riders.

I told the guys I was planning to cut across Achie Moore so not to wait for me. They all pedaled out of sight while I trudged up the HVR climb. It was a beautiful day and it was worth the climbing pain. After the elementary school I saw Eric and Flo waiting. Bernie and Jim had gone forward along Dye Road to Mussey. The three of us took it nice and easy on Archie Moorre Road, behind Mt Woodson and along 67 to Poway Grade. Eric and Flo went to SPP while I cut the ride even shorter by going down Poway Grade to Espola and Twin Peaks, back to the 56 bike path and home. Tired legs, only 55 miles with 4,300 feet of climbing. Bernie and Jim got in 70 miles, doing the full loop. It was a fun Descenders group ride. I have put the photos from the ride in the link below.

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