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Lake Wohlford Ride Report-26 November 2016
by Dave Ernst


Hope the long Thanksgiving weekend has been good.

We had a welcome *guest,* Dave Voris, join the Saturday ride (West Lilac Loop). Dave and family were in SoCal for the holiday and Dave has his *silver bullet* stored in SD for ride duties when back in SD.

Joining Voris were: Garrett; Oleg; Rick B; Ernst; Sheehan; Guido; Tony (already riding like his old strong self IMO); and John M. Hodges joined us later on the Lake Wolford accent.

So we rode our bikes, some riders left early (Garrett; Sheehan; Oleg) to tend to civilian duties, leaving eventually a six-pack of hardy riders, if riding a whole 42 miles is deemed a hardy ride. Insane Oleg rode all the way out to the mall for the start of the ride, rode with the group for maybe 10 miles, then road all the way home. Animal!

Guest Voris, with all of his regular training with his new Fremont Freaking Freewheeling Flyers team in NorCal, was demonstrating his superior fitness and yours truly nominated himself to let him know that the Descenders can ride with anyone. Meaning I *smoked" (read: won by an inch) Voris at the Woods Valley sprint finish.

Moving on the pre-storm day was ideal, even with a relentless chill and a developing headwind. After a "long" 42 miles (it felt like 102 miles to me) we wrapped it up at the mall. I mean the Descenders wrapped it up at the mall, while guest Voris kept going back to San Marcos and probably did some repeats up Double Peak.

Pic attached.

You should have come!

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