Lake Wohlford, Couser and Rice Canyon Ride Report

Lake Wohlford, Couser, Rice and Rainbow Ride Report-18 March 2017

by Bernie Bogard

A nice, cool morning greeted the group at North County Fair. Present were Rick W, Garret, Claus, Hermann and his friends Stephan and Stephan, Marisa, Andrey and myself. Tony was missing in action, late even though we nearly rode by his house and up Mary Lane. Rick led us up Mary Lane, we then journeyed to Wohlford where Stephan outpaced the group, waiting patiently at the top where we learned that Garret had been hit by the mirror of an aggressive truck, fortunately not injured. After a break, onto Woods Valley for a spirited sprint led out by the strong ones, not me. On through Valley Center to Couser, lost Bill, Marisa and Andrey who turned on West Lilac and made their way back . With Claus’s encouragement the rest of us went to Rice Canyon following a fun Couser descent toward 76, Then to Rainbow and the store by 395 where we fueled up for the ride home. The remaining group got split up and Rick, Claus and I headed through Escondido until Claus headed out Felicita to get to Del Dios and his 120+ miles. Rick and I made our way back to Poway. Fun day with nice people, just another Descenders ride.

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