Elfin Forest and Double Peak Ride Report

Elfin Forest and Double Peak Ride-8 April 2017

by Bernie Bogard

It was a nice, cool, cloudy morning as the group met at the corner of RB/Pomerado. Included were Andrey, Marissa, Rick W, Garet, his fast friend Justin, Claus, John M and Tony. Across the stunningly beautiful Lake Hodges, still with grown trees in the middle of a lake and lovely reflections. Pleasant pace up Valley Parkway to Bernardo where it was a little spirited up the hill, then skirting construction used an alternate route around a gate and headed to Elfin Forest. Seemingly appearing out of the heavens, Hodges was present before the cruise through the forest where Garet and Rick paced us until Rick melted his tire tube from the speed and flatted. Lots of mountain bikers in an organized race/ride coming our way. Painful ascent to town of Elfin Hills courtesy of Rick W. Hodges and others may have gone up Questhaven. Regroup and on our way to Double Peak with Rick W, Garet and Justin digging deep. Bill Braamse and his wife Peggy were already at the top, group took a break then said goodbye to Justin and Garet and headed to RSF. Onto Stud Loop where HODGES CAME ALIVE (after whining about "hurty knee" "don’t wait for me, hurty knee"). He and Bill were way out front of the group, Rick W and Claus also showing their strength. Just to show it wasn’t a fluke, Hodges trailed only Bill and Rick, heading up 3 Witches. The group left Claus to go get his 115 miles/8k feet at Camino Del Sur and the rest followed Bill north on CDS, to a quieter route through 4S to West Bernardo where more splits occurred as the group headed home. Yet another great day on the bike in San Diego.

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