HVR & OJH Ride Report

HVR & OJH Ride Report-12 August 2017

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Farkas, Tony, John, Eric R, Jim W, Garet, Rick W, Bob P, Sheehan, Rob, Bill B, Jeff Callahan, Neil R and his friend, Ben

I rode over from PQ and met Jim W at the top of Black Mountain Road. Proulx, Hodges and Jeff Callahan all said they would join us there as well. We waited a few minutes and then pedaled toward 4S. We picked up Eric R on his way to the start. We had ten riders head out just after 8 am, Hodges was apparently very late and he never found us. Jeff Callahan was also late but he caught up to the group along the bottom section of HVR. We all hit the climb and spread out along the road. Farkas and Jim W hammered up HVR. It was a brisk pace and I burned a few matches getting to Archie Moore. Bill B was back in town from his Michigan travels and we found him out on the climb ahead of us. At the corner of Archie Moore we found Neil R and his friend, Ben, out for a fast paced ride. They rode off while we waited for the rest of the group to join us.

Bob P and Jeff C stopped at Bandy and turned back around to descend HVR and loop back to PQ. Sheehan stopped to chat with them so he was well behind. Farkas and Garet had to get home so they rode towards 67 via Archie Moore and headed back home. John M eventually rode by and he said he was last. We thought Sheehan must have turned at Bandy too. He made it to the top well after we left. Dave decided to ride Mussey and get a PR on the ascent solo. The pace along the top section of HVR was too much for me, I got split off the back with Tony. We rode through the light at 67 and stopped for some water at the fire station where the others were as well. The pace quicken more along Dye Road with Jim W, Eric and Rick W out front and Bill, Tony and me farther behind; John was off the back.

It got worse as we started the climb up Old Julian Highway. The three faster riders sped ahead while Tony, Bill and I had a nice relaxing climb; John was off the back. We got to the top section when the guys were heading back towards us. We all did a u-turn and started our descent. John turned as we blew by him. Bill and I could not hold the pace of the descent but we kept up a good rotation back into Ramona. We all regrouped at the gas station.

Eric R had to get home, so he left us early. The remaining 6 riders spun out of Ramona and we retraced our route along Dye Road. Tony and Bill continued straight to descend HVR. Jim and Rick turned left onto highway 67, I followed; John was off the back. I immediately fell off the pace of the two much better riders. I pootled along slowly until I got to Archie Moore Road. I decided to take a rest at the Mount Woodson Golf Course. I took a nice relaxing break on the porch of the clubhouse while watching golfer hack a few shots from the tee. Cycling is much less frustrating than golf.

When I finally got up enough energy to head back to my bike, I was still feeling the pains from an early push up HVR and limited time on the bike. I pootled home via Poway Grade and Twin Peaks. I did not see any of the other riders. I assume everyone got home, I finished with 70 miles and 5,000 feet of climbing; too much for me. It was a fun ride and I took a few photos as well, including one from the golf course.


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