Coastal Cruise Ride

Coastal Cruise Ride Report-09 September 2017

by Bernie Bogard

Riders: Bob R, Bernie, Rick B, Rick W, Andrew, Jim W and Rob

The coast beckoned as Rob V, Rick W, Rick B, Bob Raibert, Jim Wilkinson, Andrew W, and Bernie met at 56 bike path. Rick B put a tube in his tubeless tire and we were off. Rob V and Bob just put in cameo appearances and were gone before Rick W began to edge up the pace on 101. Jim W stepped it up when Rick needed a break. Rick B was hanging by a thread with the frantic pace, abandoned at La Costa (just kidding). Down to Jim, Rick W, Andrew and Bernie, the sprint at Oceanside had Jim holding off all even after leading us out to the sprint. Rick W was not to be cajoled to doing Sleeping Indian and he and Andrew headed down the coast while Jim and Bernie went inland paced by Jim, meeting up with Bill and Peggy Braamse, back from summering in Michigan where Peggy won a big race and their 5 year old grandson stayed for an extra week without his parents around. We found our way to 395 and headed south. Nice temps and company…U shoulda been there!

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