Old Julian Highway Ride Report

Old Julian Highway Ride Report-7 October 2017

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Rick W, Jim W, Garet, Bernie, Monica T, Neil (Ranchos), Shawn DeKalb and Rob

I suspected that I had about 50 miles of decreasing ability in my legs. Unfortunately, I signed up for a 70 mile ride; something had to give. I sped out on a brisk pace a bit after 7 am to try to meet any PQ riders at the top of Black Mountain Road. I was still trying to recover from my recent head cold acquired while returning from my European adventures. I had also been off the bike for almost two weeks; it was going to be a long day for me.

Jim W saw me on my way there and we rode together to the start. Jim helped me burn a few matches as we rode rather briskly; I managed to get in the top 10 of a 1.2 mile segment in a neighborhood in RB that I did not know was there. Jim rode it for the first time and is currently sitting in 3rd place, 7 seconds behind KOM holder, Garet. I have a feeling Jim will be riding that segment on Lomica Drive again soon, watch out Garet.

We got to the start to meet up with the other riders. It was good to see Monica out, Bryan had parent responsibility for the morning, he rode a nice 70 mile Oceanside loop later on Saturday. We also had Neil, from the Ranchos, show. I think he was looking for more Descenders to recruit but he said he wanted to avoid the DeLuz ride planned by the group that day. There was also a new rider, Shawn DeKalb, who joined us. He lives in 4S and is a strong rider. Rick W informed us that Saturday was his 50th birthday. Happy Birthday again to Rick. He was coming off a treadmill stress test, so his calves were aching. The group rounded out with Bernie, Garet and me.

We rode to HVR and started climbing. Jim, Neil, Garet and Bernie pushed off the front. I burned many more matches staying ahead of Rick, Monica and Shawn. After regrouping at the school corner, Garet pedaled off on Archie Moore Road to head back home while the rest of us went to the top of HVR, crossed 67, and spun in a nice paceline on Dye Road. It was not a true paceline since I never went to the front, did my best to hold onto the last wheel. We turned off San Vicente Road near Ramona High School and rode to the start of the Old Julian Highway climb. I held the wheel of Jim, Neil and Bernie for about the first mile before blowing up. Monica passed me and then Shawn went by. Rick’s calves held him back at bit. It was starting to warm up, but the clear skies and fun climb made for a pleasant ride. My legs were about shot when I finally crested the top. We gathered near the end of OJH before starting our descent. I fell off the back early on the way down but kept the group in sight. We passed Rick & Denise B, along with Amy, on their way up OJH. They had ridden up SPP and over to OJH for a more relaxed ride. Rick B was on his EliptiGO sweeping up the ladies. Bernie came back for me in the last mile of OJH, he pulled me back to the group for the final descent into town.

I definitely needed a break by the time we got to the gas station. I thought I mentioned to Shawn to just tell the group to go as I faded fast on our way back to Dye Road. Bernie again waited for me near Highway 67. We got back to the group and I made it clear, go on ahead. I slowly spun along as the group rode out of sight. Despite the current road hazards of Highway 67, the group decided to head to Poway Grade. I made it to the corner of Archie Moore and turned toward the Mt Woodson Golf Club. A nice 20 minute visit sitting on the porch overlooking the golf tees was a nice respite, but it did not improve the waning power from my legs. I was at mile 55 and knew there were 15 more miles to go. The winds were coming off the shore as I battled my legs, speeding cars, the rumble strips and wind gusts. I made it safely to Poway Grade and coasted to Espola. The slowing pace along Twin Peaks only made the grind last longer. I got home with just over 70 miles and almost 5K of elevation, nice baptism by fire back into the Descenders. Good fun. The attached link has a few photos from our ride.

Kitchen Creek in on the schedule for next Saturday, more details to come soon.



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