Oceanside & Sleeping Indian Ride Report

Oceanside & Sleeping Indian Ride-30 December 2017

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Hodges, Len, Guido, John M, Bob P, Shawn, Rob; Cal Coast Cycling Crew-Rob, Todd and Dave; special appearance by Keith Sherwood

It was our last group ride of the year, a coastal cruise to Oceanside with an option for Sleeping Indian. We hammered it up PCH, split some as we rode fast into Carlsbad before one of the Cal Coast guys got a flat.

I ran into Keith Sherwood while we waited for the mechanical fix. Keith rides for Intuit but has joined the Descenders on a few rides in the past. He was also on his way to Oceanside. I snuck away before the pier and passed John M, who was out in his parallel universe, well before the turnaround, another V in the books. We regrouped at the bathroom and then the group split. Some guys went back down the coast, while the Cal Coast boys, along with Hodges, Len, Keith S and me, decided to tackle Sleeping Indian. Keith had never done the route before, he was in for a real treat.

The Cal Coast boys kept a brisk pace along the San Luis Rey bike path. We made our way up the Sleeping Indian climb before descending back down Morro Hills and Olive Hills. Remnants from the Cedar Fire could be seen; lots of charred woods on Olive Hill. We took a quick break at the gas station before Highway 76, then cruised along Old Gopher Canyon, up Twin Oaks Valley and finally climbed Deer Springs Road to get back to I-15.

We regrouped often enough to keep most of the guys together. Hodges was complaining of a sciatica issue, so he and Len pootled a bit behind. The final push down N. Centre City Parkway to the mall was fast. A stop at the gas station was needed. The Cal Coast boys sped off just as Len and Hodges showed. The final four of us–including Keith and me, spun over the Lake Hodges bridge and then cruised around 4S to get back to our homes. It was a meaty 87 miles with 4,700 feet of climbing. Great finish to the year. I only took a couple of photos, they are in the link below.


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