HVR, Mussey & Pamo Ride Report

HVR, Mussey & Pamo Ride Report-3 February 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Sheehan, John M, Bob R, Rick W, Jim W, Garet, Justin, Tony, Bill & Peggy and Rob

Tony set up the ride to have the group climb up HVR to avoid Highway 67. I pedaled over alone from PQ because I was late to meet Jim W. It was a cold start to my ride but the sunny day warmed up nicely by the time we started our HVR climb. The group met on the corner of Pomerado and we pedaled off with a small group. John M was out on his new Fuji Transonic 1.1 carbon bike, he is suggesting that Fuji be the new required club bike; I am good with that. Rick W flatted within the first two miles due to a large staple in his tire. While he fixed his tire, Garet and Justin joined us. The whole group now headed for the bottom of HVR, that road continues to deteriorate with more holes and cracks, gotta love our local infrastructure. Justin almost lost his front wheel in one large hole, the group motored on.

The climb started and we spread out as we headed up to Ramona. I tried to convince Bob R to ride up Camino Del Aguila since we had ridden up HVR just last Saturday. He wisely declined, so we all pedaled our way up to Archie Moore Road. We met up with Bill & Peggy at the top of HVR by the school. They said they started earlier than us to meet at the regroup spot, but I suspect that they were out doing some early HVR repeats in preparation for the Monster Climbs trip and Italy cycling adventure. They are both riding strong.

We all regrouped and then spun toward the end of HVR. Rick W took point and split the group in the final few miles to the light at Highway 67. Everyone turned right at the light to make our way to Mussey Grade. Garet and Justin kept going on 67 while the rest of the group turned left onto Mussey. It started benign enough, but the pace quickly lit up before we got to Dos Picos Park Road. Jim W, Rick W, Bob R and Dave S, with me hanging onto the last wheel; sped down the five mile Mussey descent. Everyone rotated to take a fast pull, except me; I hid the whole way to the bottom. The pace was over 28 mph average, lots of matches were burned. I took a couple of photos while screaming down and another photo of the four studs overlooking San Vicente Reservoir. The rest of the gang joined us for the climb back up.

I pootled along with Sheehan, who was still shaking off a cold. We had a momentary interaction with a local driver who kept honking at us along the quiet country road, Sheehan went to discuss the rules of the road with him while I waited for him at the corner of Dos Picos. We met back up with the group at the top of Mussey. Bob R had already headed home, Sheehan went back down HVR to get some business work done. Besides, he had already burned lots of matches on Mussey. The rest of us grabbed a quick water refresh at the gas station before cruising along Dye & San Vicente Roads. We cut through Ramona and made our way towards Pamo. Bill & Peggy had not ridden down ever before so we gave everyone a quick recap of the dangerous, off-camber corners. Everyone had a safe descent and we regrouped at the bottom. Everyone except John, he turned back early to climb up Pamo early. He made his way to the Ramona gas station and started back down 67 before Rick W and Jim W finally caught back up to him; his new wheels are fast!

I pootled up the climb with Tony & Peggy. I snapped a photo of Tony at the rock wall he knew all too well. He is riding great and not looking back. The day was warming up and we had gorgeous views of the valley. We regrouped with the rest of the gang and spun off towards Ramona. I decided to descend Ramona Grade and made my way home via Bandy Canyon, HVR and around 4S. It was a long 5 hours in the saddle, some awesome riding and over 77 miles with 5,600 feet of elevation. Another great Descenders group ride. The link below has the photos from the ride, enjoy and come ride with us soon.


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