Oceanside & Sleeping Indian Ride Report

Oceanside & Sleeping Indian Ride-24 February 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Sheehan, Bob P, Rick W, Garet, Len, John M, Marisa & Andrey, Ethan, Tony, Bill & Peggy, Hodges, Bill W & Rob

It was a cold start to the the ride. I pedaled to meet the group at CDS, where Proulx also joined us. We had not seen Marisa & Andrey for a number of rides; they came with their friend, Ethan. Bill Wood was out again to ride with his US buddies. It was sunny, but cold; everyone was bundled up well. It was super cold in my wimpy view; I could have used a jacket to cut the wind. We cruised on the bike path and headed for the coast, picking up Len along Carmel Valley.

We all rode mostly together up through Del Mar to meet Bill & Peggy on the corner as we rolled into Solana Beach, the group was now more than a dozen strong. We did well until we passed Las Olas & Ki’s, when Ethan hit a sunken manhole cover and flatted. I pushed hard to get the group to stop while Andrey stopped to help fix the tire. We stopped just past the goofy surfer statue. Many decided to continue to roll north. Rick W, Bob P, Sheehan, Bill B and I stopped and chatted. Garet decided to turn back and take Manchester back to his home. The tire was finally fixed and we spun north on the 101. Rick W kept the paced spirited, everyone did some pulls. Bob and Sheehan turned at La Costa, where we met up with Tony. Our small group sped up into Carlsbad where we saw Marisa and Bill W stopping for coffee; Andrey & Ethan joined them.

The rest of us cruised into Oceanside and regrouped at the bathrooms on the harbor. It was sunny and a pretty day, bright blue skies and lots of boats. We took a few group shots and everyone said they were riding inland. Everyone except Rick W.; we convinced him to join us. We had riders 8 heading to Sleeping Indian. Rick was on point and did the lions share of the effort along the San Luis Rey path. He kept going straight toward home when we took the turn to Old River Road, the climbing was about to begin. We all spread out on the climb up Sleeping Indian and regrouped near the top. I took then point but missed the turn onto Morro Hills, we all just kept pedaling to the very end of Sleeping Indian. It added a few miles as we crossed Burma Road and rode the full length of Olive Hill to the gas station down by highway 76. After a short water break, we rolled out again to Little Gopher Canyon Road, then hit Gopher and turned right onto Twin Oaks Valley; more climbing. The views on the climbs and from the tops were awesome, definitely a highlight of the ride.

We all made our way down to Deer Springs and then Tony led us towards Cal State San Marcos where we turned onto Barham Dr. and rode towards Escondido. Tony had us take the bike/walking path that eventually connected into town and hit Centre City Parkway. Tony turned a few streets before us to get home. I took the turn first and headed fast towards the mall. Apparently Hodges flatted at the corner and I never saw the group again. The winds increased, the temperatures seemed to drop and it was a brisk ride back past Lake Hodges and 4S, behind Black Mountain and finally to my house. I did a fly-by and noticed I rode past Bill & Peggy’s street about 12 minutes before they finally got there. I know Hodges followed my route and went all the way down Black Mountain, John M should have gone that way too. Len had to ride back towards the coast to get his car. Long rides for everyone. My Garmin said about 85 miles and 4,300 feet of climbing, legs felt that for a few days. Some nice photos are in the link, come out and ride sometime!


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