HVR & OJH Ride Report

HVR & OJH Ride Report-24 March 2018

by Rob Verfurth

Riders: Rick W, Shawn, John A, Garet, Justin, Hermann, John M, Sheehan and Rob

As I suspected, no one was there at the top of Black Mountain Road; I rode solo over to the group start. I was even ahead of schedule, rolling to the Pomerado corner before 8 am. Rick W, Shawn D and John M were already there. Others joined and we were just getting ready to roll when Sheehan showed, we now had a total of 9 riders. We rode as a group to the HVR climb when all hell broke loose. The fast guys spun off; Sheehan and I settled into a nice pace up the climb. It was our birthday celebration ride so we chatted a bit on the less steep sections. Hermann rode with us up HVR, with John M sweeping. At the school at Archie Moore Road, we regrouped and bid adieu to Garet and Justin. They could only ride for a quick loop. Rick W must have been anxious to get going, he pulled the group at a blistering pace over to highway 67 where we said good-bye to Hermann; he had to go to work. We were down to 6 riders. Rick W again pulled the group along Dye Road to San Vicente. We lost John M but continued on towards Old Julian Highway.

Rick, Shawn and John A cruised off at the turn to OJH. I waited for Sheehan and we rode up the climb with John M sweeping. There were tons of motorcycles out and lots of cars. When we got to the top for the regroup, a huge line of "race cars" were coming up on their way to Santa Ysabel. We road cyclists don’t care too much for noisy motorcyclists and lots of fast moving cars out on the back country roads. That said, it was a nice day to be out on a bike. Rick W hammered on the descent back to Ramona. I held his wheel for most of the descent but eventually lost contact. Shawn and John A tried to catch me to no avail. We all regrouped at the corner before another quick pull into town. Sheehan and I shared a pop tart treat to celebrate our birthdays, which don’t really happen until this week but that was our last ride together before the big events.

We had a brief respite at the gas station before we rolled back to Dye Road. Sheehan was feeling the last of his oats as he pulled the group to highway 67. I fell off and John M was sweeping. At the light Rick W turned towards Mt Woodson. Sheehan, Shawn and John A waited for me as they were heading straight back down HVR. I turned left too but never saw Rick again. John M was somewhere behind me. The road going south on highway 67 is just as bad as my experiences from the week earlier. Rumble strips on the side of the road, lots of traffic and more concerns for the centerline plastic pipes so cars drive even closer to cyclists. The parking near Mount Woodson forces us to ride in the road, another dangerous section of roadway. I decided to get off highway 67 and turned right onto Mina de Oro to descend High Valley Road. I did capture a nice photo of Lake Poway on my way to the steep descent. By the time I got home, I hit 70 miles and over 5K of climbing, another great club ride. Photos are in the link below.


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